Friday, September 26, 2014

Scarlett Monthly Update: Month Nine

Three quarters of the year has gone by. My girl has officially spent the same amount of time out in our world as she did inside of mommy. I look back at her newborn pictures and miss the snuggles but she is so much fun now. I remember at this point falling head over heels in love with Miller since he interacted with me. Her and Miller actually play together sometimes and they make my heart soar with happiness. I wish time would slow time but I look forward to all the fun ahead.


Weight: 21lbs 10oz (+12lbs 15oz) (Miller was 20lbs 8oz)

Height: 28.5in (+8in) (Miller was 28.5in)

Head: 18.25in (+4.5in) (Miller was 19.25"in)

Sleep: So, knock on wood, we have been doing pretty good lately. Not sleeping through the night but better than she was doing two months ago. She sleeps anywhere from 5-7 hours, nurses and is back to sleep until morning. She might wake up one more time but she is normally in bed with us by that point and it is because Ben woke her up by getting ready for work. She has been napping for 2-3.5 hours everyday. I have worried that me rocking her to sleep is going to kick me in the butt but lately she is so squirmy while I am nursing and rocking her so I just have to lay her in her bed and hope for the best. Everytime, she puts herself to sleep. I am hoping we have turned a corner with her. 

Eating:  She has stopped nursing as much but still 5-6 times a day, maybe 4 on some days. She has been eating more solid foods and she is so good at it. Her motor skills always impress me and she knows how to get what she wants to her mouth and toss aside what she does not.

Best Moment: She does the cutest little giggle. When she gets excited she wrinkles her nose and huffs and snorts. Miller did something similar at this age too. 

Milestones: No real milestone, she is wanting to walk but just has not gotten brave enough yet. She is great at cruising on things though. She is also really good at walking behind her push toys. Most kids I know had trouble controlling the toy and it would run away from them. She has such good balance and control with  them. 

Monthly Wisdom: I do not have anything. There have been a lot of transitions with Miller lately so lots of me telling myself that this is all just a phase. 

Goals for the Upcoming Month: Same as the last month, the swaddle. There have been some changes to Miller's sleeping arrangements and so I am clinging to Scarletts swaddle as my security blanket. As soon as I think she does not need it, she will not go back to sleep during a feeding until I reswaddle her. Most nights she gets out of it but it just helps get her to sleep. I have no idea what to do or when to do it.

Things Scarlett is doing
-She can kind of wave but mostly just looks at us and giggles when we ask her to. Same for clapping.
- She mimics making sounds all the  time. One day we were all 3 singing to "Frozen" and she joined in on a long note.
-She gives the typical open mouth baby kiss. It is so slobbery but so sweet!

This is the chunkiest Miller got because soon after he started walking and he never stopped moving. I had outtake pictures from his shoot of him crying and making faces and they have so many of  the same expressions. She might actually be catching up on the hair. It has grown a lot over the last two month but it is just so fuzzy and sticks up all over the place.

Here is an additional comparison shot that is from both of their 9 month picture shoots. I see so many similarities but they still look so different.

These two pictures were too funny not to share. 


Ben and I think it looks like she is going to eat whatever she is staring at.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Scarlett's 9 Month and Miller's 3 Year Photos

It was that time again. I needed to take Scarlett's 9 month pictures and Miller's 3 year pictures. I decided to just combine the shoot to make it easier on everyone.

Can you see what the sign behind her says?