Thursday, June 4, 2015

Here we go again

This is pretty self explanatory and if we are friends on facebook, you already saw this news.

Getting pregnant for us does not feel as easy and as much of a sure thing as it is for some people. (Warning, mention of girly things) I have really irregular cycles that can just make things so unpredictable. With Miller, we tried for about a year with no cycle and finally two days before an appointment with a fertility specialist, my body decided to work and I got pregnant with our monkey boy. With Scarlett, once my cycle returned, which was a while because of breastfeeding, it took 3 cycles in 4 months to get pregnant with her. This time around, I got my cycle back around the same time as before,and we got pregnant in the first cycle within a month and a half.

While we were trying, I was still shocked that it happened that quickly. Honestly, after that year we had of trying to get pregnant with Miller, I am just sooooo grateful to able to have all of these babies. Sometimes I slip back in my memories from that year and I can not believe where I am now.

Kind of funny how we found out. With Miller and Scarlett, I thought I was pregnant so I was chomping at the bit to take a pregnancy test. This time, I also thought I was pregnant but I was nervous to get my hopes up. I had my annual GYN appointment and told my doctor this. She convinced me to take a test there and I was so bummed when it came back negative. I said I would not be upset but I totally was. I decided to just not think about getting pregnant and focus on other things. A week later, I started having some nausea one day but I knew better than to get into that mindset. However, it persisted. I could see Ben giving me the side eye like "are you going to say it on am I". Finally after a week and a half of nausea, I could not deny it and I had to test. With Miller, I found out I was pregnant when I was 11dpo (days past ovulation), Scarlett was 13dpo and this baby was 33dpo. 

Scarlett has seen my ultrasounds pictures and points to my belly when we ask where the baby is. Miller totally gets it this time around. He has watched his and Scarlett's birth videos and keeps telling me that I will "squeeze out the baby". He is so excited about another baby and from the beginning, he has sworn that it is a girl. He refuses to believe anything else. Full disclosure here, we had the Harmony blood test done and actually already know the gender but are waiting to share it until after we tell some family in person.

Wish us luck as we prepare to be outnumbered!