Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 3rd Trimester

(I love this one because it was Halloween weekend and Miller looks like he is scared of my belly). 

I just wanted to post a pregnancy update for this baby girl because I have done so few. Everything has been going fine. I have been so sore and it just keeps getting worse but that is normal. The only thing different this time around was that I barely failed the 1hour glucose test so I had to do the 3hour test and passed it with flying colors. I am still annoyed by the whole thing but oh well.

Here is my normal survey from 36 weeks.

How far along: 36 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I did not gain any weight from my last appointment so my total is 25 lbs.   
Maternity clothes: It is now cool enough to wear my fall clothes which I am excited about, but I am finding that everything is so snug. My bump is outgrowing my maternity clothes. I have my sprinkle tonight and I am wearing the same dress that I wore to my last sprinkle and my shower for Miller. I am just wearing it differently.
Stretch marks: Just all the old ones.  
Sleep: I had some great nights of sleep this week. I still want more sleep but at least it was good quality sleep.   
Best moment this week: Miller’s party was a success and now it is just Halloween stuff and a few odds and ends to complete. I managed to get some all my crafts done this week so I am feeling mostly successful.
Movement: This darn child apparently has too much room in there. She has been head down for months and at my appointment this week she was transverse. I am so freaked out now and doing everything I can to get her to go down. I think she tends to go back to being head down but I still feel some spinning. I have been doing some exercises that are supposed to help get her in the right position but now I feel like so much is up in the air. I want her to move so that I know she is okay but not too much.  
Food cravings:  I have hit a mental wall with meal planning. Either, it doesn’t sound good to me, we cant get the kids to eat it, we already made it and have it in the freezer downstairs, or Ben is allergic to something in it. This is so painful! I just wish it were affordable to get take out every night.
Food aversions: Anything that I have to cook.  
Gender: Girly!
Labor Signs: BH come and go. At my doctors appointment this week, my cervix is closed but really soft.
Belly Button in or out: I wonder what it would feel like for it to poke out. I will never know.  
What I miss: I miss feeling that we are not on a deadline. I love Halloween and really want to enjoy it but I feel like I am so stressed out about the baby coming that I am rushing through and not enjoying it.
What  I am looking forward to: While I will miss being pregnant, I am looking forward to getting through delivery. I am so worried about her position and I wish I could just know that everything will work out with that.      
Weekly Wisdom: I remember this feeling before but I feel like I have an expiration date of November 13th and I am just sitting around anxiously waiting for it. In reality, it is great after baby comes and I am no longer stuck in this pregnant body but I can not get over the anxiety of the unexpected and nostalgia about missing being pregnant. However, with issues about her position this week, it makes me more anxious to get to the delivery and know  that I can have another smooth vaginal delivery.
Milestones: I reached a month away from our due date. It is so weird to think that she will be here in a matter of weeks now. 

Update from my appointment: She flipped head down again the next week but some point in the following week, she flipped again and was breech. Last week was really stressful because we had to discuss doing a version to flip her and inducing. I started redoing my exercises and this week she was head down again. My doctor is pretty sure that she has dropped and can not move again so we are just letting nature take its course. I am still pretty anxious but just trying to stay calm and will her to stay put and come out soon.  

Monday, November 2, 2015

Kids Bathroom Update

After doing our powder room earlier in the year, we decided that we wanted to do board and batten in the kids bathroom too. It kept floating off and on our to-do list but finally we decided that we should tackle it now before we add another little one to our brood and get distracted. This is a reminder of what it looked like when we moved in.


I painted the upper half mint and the bottom white. We did the board and top ledge so we could establish the line to paint but held off on doing the batten. The battens are so time consuming unless you have a nail gun, which we as first time home owners do not. I told Ben though, that it is such an improvement as it is, that I do not care if we ever put up the battens.

We also framed in the mirror and added hooks instead of a towel rack. We figured that will be easier to encourage kids to hang up dirty towels this way.