Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekly Update: 16 Weeks

Here is the first pregnancy update of many.

How far along: 16 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I have consistently been down 2 or 3 pounds from the beginning of this pregnancy and I have no idea how that is still possible.

Maternity clothes: I am really liking the t-shirts and shorts that I just bought but I wish that the flat spot where my belly button is, would round out. It looks weird!

Stretch marks: Nothing new but the old ones are slightly tan from the beach. 

Sleep: Miller has been letting mommy sleep in which is great. I have been so tired lately.     

Best moment this week: I asked Miller where the baby was so he lifted up my shirt to give my bump a kiss. Then he laid his head down and snuggled with it. Melted my heart!!

Movement: Still no strong kicks but lots of flutters. Sometimes, I will realize that I have not felt any in a while and then the baby starts wiggling. 

Food cravings: Having to eat is such a pain. I would rather just go to a restaurant where I have my pick of a bunch of different things. I did really want cheesecake the day we got back from the beach so we picked up some at Cheesecake Factory.  

Food aversions:  Nothing major. We did have some leftover breakfast casserole and the onion in it did not taste good to me so Ben finished it for me.

Gender: This is driving me batty! We think we know and are sooooo sure but the wait is killing me. There are so many things that we are waiting to do until we find out. I am ready to know! Our anatomy scan is only 2.5 weeks away. 

Labor Signs: No way! 

Belly Button in or out? Like I already said, I wish it would round out.

What I miss: I miss not having these crazy hormones. I keep having mood swings and losing my patience with Miller. Plus, it is making the wait to find out the baby’s gender unbearable. 

What I am looking forward to: THE GENDER!!! Nothing else in the world exists but this. (I am kidding...... well, sort of).

Weekly Wisdom: I keep getting worked up about the gender of the baby (obviously, by my answers to the above questions). Then I started looking at pictures from Miller’s birth and newborn age, and seeing other peoples newborns and just get excited that this is our baby, whether it is a girl or boy.

Milestones: Something about getting to the weeks that are multiples of 4 always makes it feel like a milestone, especially knowing that the next one is halfway through.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Beach '13: Day 3

I took my camera down to the beach today so I was able to get some really good pictures.I realize that I have a lot of pictures of Miller playing in the sand but I think it is the cutest thing. I always dreamed of going to the beach with my family and watching my kids playing in the sand. This trip was that dream realized!

Having snack by the pool. 

See how the feet are still not touching the sand. He had stopped doing that as much by the end of the day. 

I love how they are in the same position. 

Miller and Ben went out in the waves and it gave me the perfect chance to play with my big zoom lens. Miller actually loved the waves and kept asking to go back out.

Daddy and Mommy built him a fortress. He liked it but would not  touch it with his hands. 

An evening walk with the girls. 

We have no idea why he was holding  his ears but he would not stop doing it. He only did it while he stood here. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1st Trimester Bump Pictures

So now that the news is out, I thought I would back track and share my bump pictures so far. Normally I would not do this (I did not with Miller) but since we are doing  them in a fun way this time, I thought I would.


I have some tape on the floor to mark where I stand so we can be consistent. We walked back there to take my 10 week picture and Miller got lined up to get his done too. It was the cutest darn thing! I keep trying to get him to join me in the pictures but he waits off to the side and then darts off to play with something when we are done.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Beach '13: Days 1 and 2

I am going to be posting a recap from our beach trip over a few posts so be prepared to OD on pictures on Miller.

Our first night at dinner. See who is at the head of the table (and center of attention).

First time in the sand. He did this for a few days. 

Saying hi to the moon. 

Monkey bread recipe from pinterest. Sooo good!!

Miller went on a walk on the beach with Daddy for Father's Day. 

Winding down for the night by playing on Ninny's phone. 

My virgin pina colada when I really want that wine that mom was having. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Exciting News!!!

The news is out on facebook so I need to share it on here......

...... Baby 2.0 is due December 12th. We are all so excited, including Miller. I know it looks like he is trying to eat the baby in that one picture but he was just giving our baby some kisses. Whenever I ask him where the baby is, he points to himself. Then I ask where the other baby is and he points to my belly.

We have been talking about having more kids since the day we had Miller. Thankfully, it only took us a few months to get pregnant (unlike our journey to get Miller), however this pregnancy has been harder. Crazy hormones, morning sickness, and no energy all exacerbated by chasing around a very busy toddler. Thankfully, I have been feeling much better this past month. In fact, besides the bump, I often forget that I am pregnant.

We have had 3 ultrasounds so far and have our anatomy scan in less than 4 weeks. 

I was 15 weeks yesterday and will start posting weekly pregnancy updates next week. I have been writing them in my own journal and I have to admit, they are quite boring this time around. At least it will give the blog some new posts.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nursery Redo

I actually did all this work and wrote this post, last summer but kept forgetting to publish it. Oops! Anyways, here it is.

The hardest part of moving has been missing my nursery. I am not sure why but I mourn it. I worked so hard on that darn room. I sat in there for hours and hours as a hopeful mommy to be, imagining playing with my son in that room. I planned out every detail and made almost everything in there. I know the people in the house make it a home, not the stuff but I still just could not help but miss that nursery. The day we moved, once everyone was downstairs finishing up, I went and sat in the floor with Miller and cried. Yes, I know that that is pathetic so I will just blame it on mommy hormones.

Since we have moved in, I have done little things here and there. The worst thing was that we can not paint in this house and I LOVED the color that we had on the walls.That color was my color. I hunted through hundreds of paint samples to find the perfect one. Everything else in the room was centered around that color on the walls.

I started trying to dream up ways to get that color on the walls without painting. First thought was to glue fabric in that color to the walls but I decided that it would not be worth the trouble and price. Then I decided to attempt something else. At Wives Unscripted I blogged about temporary wallpaper made out of kraft paper that we pinned up and painted. In that instance, it was only a small pattern of paint but for Miller's room I decided to paint the whole thing.

Let's just say, it was not successful. With all the moisture from the paint, the paper curled and bubbled. The seams would lift up from each other. I decided after doing about a quarter of it, it was not going to work. Back to the drawing board.

I wanted my blue on the walls and I wanted our trees back. I had saved the decal that I had made for the old nursery so I laid it out and painted it. Then I measured and cut out a new one to join it. I loved the white against  the blue wall that we had before but I like how this turned out too.

The wreath has actually been replaced with another white wreath but that it is another story for another day. The effect is the same though. 

I really miss my blue walls but I can live with this.