Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Favorite Fall Activity

The day before Thanksgiving, I asked (told) the kids to entertain Miller so I could get some stuff done. They took him outside and Kelsey took my camera and they got these great pictures of Miller.

This is his new face. He is such a goofball!

Miller and my couisn, Natalie.

Snow Tubing

We were lucky enough to have our family from Houston come in for Thanksgiving. Early in the week, we drove up to the mountains to go snowtubing.

Miller and Kelsey waiting in line to buy tickets.

My kid is so cute! Miller was still in a good mood at  this point. 

We had to wait for the next session so the kids went inside and played games. Cameron and Ross at the practice range (a game). 

We were deliriously bored. Ally is a such a nerd. 

Waiting in line for the session to start. From left to right, Ross, Cameron (Kelsey's boyfriend), Ann, Kelsey, mom and Miller. 

Everyone riding the lift up to the top of the hill. Miller and I stayed behind to watch and eat a snack. 

Mom's first time down. Miller did not notice until she screamed his name.

Ross, Kelsey and Ann. 

Ally would not go down at first. Mom went down and she asked all the people that worked there, how to get someone down and they said they have to go down. Mom got back up to the top and told her she had to go down but they told her one lane was the slow one (she lied). When they got to the bottom she wanted to go again. 

When everyone was done, we went to the parking lot and I tried to get a picture with my son in front of the mountains. See how successful that was!

We were exhausted! Miller passed out before we left the parking lot.

On another note, happy birthday to my wonderful hubby today!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Felt Christmas Tree

I am sure you have a seen a pin or two on pinterest of a felt Christmas Tree that your kids can play with in hopes of leaving your main tree alone. Last year I told myself that I would do it for this year. A couple of weeks ago, I knew it was now or never. I wanted it done so that I could put it up for the whole season so I needed it done ASAP.

The main pin that I see all of the time, the mom simply cut the tree out of green felt and adhered it to her wall. I wanted to be able to hang mine so I decided to have a background to it but I had to make it sturdy. Hopefully Miller will not attempt to pull it down.  I used a light grey background that was 36" x 36". I bought two wooden dowels that were 36" with a 1/2" diameter. I rolled the fabric over it and pinned it down. Then I sewed a seam on both the top and the bottom. The dowel can slide in and out if necessary.

I wanted to make a few more accessories than the original pin (mainly for me). I really wanted strings of lights. I cut out three 36" long, thin strings from black felt. Then I cut out a ton of small black rectangles that "attach" the bulb to the string. Of course I cut out the bulbs. I stuck with the main 4 colors because whenever I thought of classic Christmas lights, that is what I saw.

I laid out the string and spaced out the lights every 4 inches. Then I hot glued them in place. 

I went back over them each with a small black rectangle. After doing the first step, I realized that this was totally unnecessary, but I liked the way they looked.

I made three so the tree, and surroundings could be decorated. 

I glued the trunk down and then the tree, except for the bottom corners so that the presents can be placed behind them for more tree decorating space. 

As for the presents, I debated about leaving the bows and ribbon separate from the box but that would just be a lot of scraps to deal with. They can be removed and moved around, as well as the star. I thought Miller could play around with other toppers possibly down the road. 

Ta- Da! Here is the finished product. I sketched out some basic ornament shapes and used that as a template. I had a couple of each color in each shape. You can always use cookie cutters as a template as well. Maybe when Miller, and hopefully other  little Trusty's, are older, we can make more and different ornaments and presents.

I am excited for him to play with it but I fear that this year will just be mostly pulling all the ornaments off and carrying them all over the house. Maybe Miller will surprise me (I know better than to think this).

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What I am Thankful For

I decided not to do the whole, 30 days of thanks thing. I have plenty of things to be thankful for but that just overwhelms me to have to come back day after day. Instead, I am doing one post.

- My friends. I have always had trouble finding good friends and finally I have people who are there for me whenever we need anything.

- My family. If you know me, you know how much my big family means to me. I have been so lucky to have seen every member of my Miller family, two years in a row and get to spend this Thanksgiving with a good bit of them (although I am missing the rest).

- My dad and stepmom. I was really lucky when they met because I got a great stepmom who loves Miller and I like we are her own and they make a great pair.

- My mom. I think God knew we would be best friends. 

- My in-law family. I hear horror about other peoples in laws and I am so blessed to be welcomed into this family. They love me and I love them. 

- Ben's job. A lot of architects in this recession were laid off and even though we had our hard times, we never had to deal with a job loss for Ben.

- Our new house. Yes, I wish we were in a different situation and could buy a house but finding this one was meant to be. It is perfect for us and our family. 

- The health of our family. There are many things I pray for our future but this is always the number one thing. 

- Ben. I am always sarcastic and act like he is constantly annoying me (which is partly true- see picture below) but I love him. We rarely fight and when we do, it is over stupid stuff. I am so blessed to have found a partner who I get along with so well and have fun with.

-Miller. This one does not even need a statement. Two years ago at this time I was wondering if I was even meant to have a child and now I have this beautiful little boy. He is such a handful and knows how to push my buttons but he is my best buddy and the funniest little thing I know. I am always saying that he is my best craft (since, you know,  I made him and all) and favorite thing (sorry Ben!).

I hope everyone out there has a very happy Thanksgiving. Here are my two favorite pictures from last year. Look how tiny Miller was!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Memphis Part 4

This is the last part of our Memphis recap. It is mostly just some random happenings.

Thursday night we convinced Ben's parents to try an Indian restaurant with us. They ended up loving it!

Miller was eating some naan and making his new serious face to Grandmommy and Grandaddy. 

Friday morning, Miller getting into trouble around the house. 

 Sharing yogurt with Grandaddy. 

That evening we went down to Dave and Liz's house. While Liz was getting ready we got Miller in the stroller and their dog Ella on a leash and went for a walk around their neighborhood. 

We went to Boscoe's for dinner. Miller made the rounds around  the table. Playing with Grandmommy and Uncle Dave.

Aunt Lizzy kissing on Miller. 

Saturday morning we went to breakfast. Miller charmed everyone that was around us and then he did this like it was too loud. Yeah, he was the one making the noise. 

Saturday evening we went to the store that Dave works at. They have a bunch of cool architectural salvaged stuff which I loved!

Miller and Grandmommy at dinner. We lost this paci a few minutes later.

After dinner we went back to Dave and Liz's house. Miller playing in the floor with Uncle Dave. 

He kept going into the dog cage in the bedroom and the new kitty, Henry kept an eye on him. 

Playing in the living room, more specifically, playing in the window.

It was a great trip. We got to spend time with part of Ben's family and relax a bit. Miller was really good this trip. The last time we were in Memphis, Miller was teething and doing a little stranger thing. This time he warmed up to everyone and really got to bond with everyone there. That made this mommy and daddy really happy.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Memphis Part 3- The Botanical Gardens

We thought Miller would like this better than the zoo because he could run around more. He did but we still had to keep him contained in the stroller quite a bit.

I have a picture of me in this same chrysalis swing 2 years ago.  

Now with my little one. 

He looks like a baby model. 

He went through the dog house a few times before he finally noticed the dog. 

Yeah, I was too busy taking this picture to catch him so he kind of bounced off of the ground when he got to the bottom.  He cried for a minute but he is tough.

Watching the big fish in the Japanese pond. 

This bridge made me so nervous. 

We also have a picture of us with Scruggs in this spot from 2 years ago. The picture is crappy because I just stuck it on a rock and used the self timer. 

Is this not gorgeous! It looks like the perfect place to get married. 

Miller telling us which way we need to go now. 

I was trying to get a picture with my son. Yeah I know better than that.

This picture would have been better if that was a person and not a statue.

We went to the sensory garden so Miller could touch plants. He enjoyed this more than he appears to here.

I loved all the fall leaves there. I was afraid that I had missed the leaves by being stuck in the house with Miller when we are home but they were still gorgeous. I am so glad we could go to Memphis during autumn because I had never been before. 

The last part of this trip is just some random things from the last few days in Memphis.