Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekly Update: 16 weeks

How far along: 16 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 5.5 lbs. I am happy with that!

Maternity clothes: Some but I am ready for my belly to come in a little cuter. I still am feeling awkwardly fat at times.

Stretch marks: Still keeping an eye on the old ones.

Sleep: Pretty good, just not ever enough. I am having to sleep more on my side than on my tummy.

Best moment this week: We had our check up last week and heard pumpkin’s heartbeat. It all sounds good!

Movement: Still feeling it from the outside. Yesterday I went to the movies and had my hand on my belly the whole time. There is definitely a wiggle worm in there. I am not sure if I have felt flutters (or whatever you want to call it) but I think I did a few times. I am still on the lookout for more convincing.

Food cravings: Nothing lately

Food aversions: Not anything here either

Gender: We find out in 11 days!

Labor Signs: Nope!!!

Belly Button in or out? I think it will be a while before I see this move

What I miss: Being carefree (haha, yeah right!). I am a worry wart anyways, but now being pregnant I am always anxious about doing the right things for the baby and I.

What I am looking forward to: Our anatomy scan is next Friday. Not only am I looking forward to finding out the baby’s sex, but more peace of mind that pumpkin is doing good.

Weekly Wisdom: I had some much needed lessons in stuff we will need on our registry from my mommy guide, Heather.

Milestones: I love getting to all the 4 week marks. 4, 8, 12, and now 16. We are 40% there!

Measurements: Chest- +1” Waist-+.25” Hips-same (this is still frustrating me)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

I never really grew up with a lot of Easter traditions but in the 6 Easters we have spent together, Ben and I have a few.

Of course we start the day off with going to church. This year was a joy because half way through church the heat of a packed-in congregation got me, and I started seeing spots and getting really nauseous. I was able to make it to the bathroom before I passed out, returned for communion and headed out after that (and I hate leaving early).

We then joined some friends for brunch. Usually we would go to Relish, but since that was "rebranded" earlier this year (still not happy about that), we went to Cheesecake Factory.

Heather and Steve's, little miss Isla snoozing during brunch. Such a change from lunch the day prior.

Ben and I. I looked back on our old pictures from Easter and boy have we changed. I was tempted to post them, but I am not sure if I want to publicize the chubby years.

Us girls. Me, Heather, Isla, Lindsey and Jaimelynn.

Afterward, Heather and I sent the boys and Isla home on a man date, while we went and saw "Water for Elephants", which we read last year for book club. Each pair of us had fun and we will be doing that again soon.

We were a little off schedule this year and had to dye eggs this afternoon, rather than prior to Easter. It is not like we were hiding them or anything, but next year we will try to maintain the Easter Bunny illusion for pumpkin and do them earlier.

We have worn the ears every year while dyeing eggs.

I always feel like I will look like a Playboy Bunny, but never more than this year in the matching pink dress.

I love looking at our different eggs over the year.

We made pumpkin an egg too. The colors are a little off, because of course they were supposed to be pink and blue.

I hope you all and your families had a great Easter!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekly Update: 15 weeks

How far along: 15 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 6 lbs (I hear a pound a week is good so I am not complaining)

Maternity clothes: I am feeling kind of limited here. Some things fit fine and show a bump, some stuff is too big and I just look chubby.

Stretch marks: The old ones are being rubbed in cocoa butter daily to make sure new ones stay away

Sleep: My favorite part of the day! I still need lots of it.

Best moment this week: The below movement

Movement: We are starting to feel a little movement from the outside. I am still waiting to feel flutters from the inside.

Food cravings: Still sweets and citrus fruits

Food aversions: Still hate the same old food but I was able to eat a couple of them at a friend’s house the other night and they did not bother me

Gender: Finding out in 2.5 weeks, 18 days!.

Labor Signs: Heck no

Belly Button in or out? The same. It is kind of making me look chubby because my bump is moving up behind it, but it is still defined so it makes it look like I have two little rolls.

What I miss: I miss not feeling guilty when I eat bad foods. Now I feel like I am depriving my child of good nutrition.

What I am looking forward to: OB appointment Wednesday and Anatomy scan in 2.5 weeks

Weekly Wisdom: I keep being told I look great for how far along I am, which I much appreciate. I was told today that I am glowing, which is nice because I was wondering when that would start.

Milestones: No big ones this week except making it to the nice round 15 week number

Measurements: Chest- +.5, Waist- +.5”, Hips-.5” (This is all weird because the fluctuate so much even though there is a defined bump. I am sure the hips and stomach will start to really take off soon, unfortunately).

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How We Spilled the Beans

When Ben and I found out we were pregnant we immediately decided that we would wait to tell our families until we could tell them in person. It worked out perfectly because we would be going in town for our nieces birthday in four weeks and get to see all of our parents. Those 4 weeks were torture though. It was so hard to talk to people and not have an answer when they asked,"Well, what is new?". I was so glad when it was time for our trip.

Mom was first. She was working but I was adamant that we had to see her. We waited at her work in the waiting room until she came out (thank goodness it was only for about 5 minutes). We walked downstairs so she could get lunch and when she was sitting in the breakroom we gave her a present.

This was underneath the onesie.

She was quite excited and amazed that I had kept it a secret for 4 weeks. There were even a few bad words thrown around in her moment of shock. The whole time I had had to lie to her about a lot of things and it was really hard.

With my dad and stepmom. I made this family tree and waited for them to notice the addition.

Bobbie pushed dad out of the way to run over and give me a hug.

We told my grandma and grandpa, my aunt Tine and cousin Ally and Ben's family with these.

Of course everyone is excited, some people a little surprised. There were some people who knew or suspected we were trying and others that had no idea. I have videos to document all of these announcements to one day show pumpkin. If you are interested in seeing them, leave me a comment and I will e-mail them to you.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekly Update: 14 weeks

How far along: 14 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I am pretty sure I am up about 4-5 lbs

Maternity clothes: I am wearing lots of stretchy clothes. Mostly dresses and some of those are maternity dresses.

Stretch marks: No new ones but the same old ones are definitely there

Sleep: Minus bad dreams last night, I sleep pretty good most nights. I have been noticing it feels different sleeping on my belly, so I am trying to savor it while I can.

Best moment this week: I got to watch pumpkin during our ultrasound being a huge wiggle worm.

Movement: We both think we can feel the baby moving around when we put our hand on my tummy. It is too inconsistent to be my heartbeat and there are bigger kicks than others (at least we think they are kicks, Ben thinks they might be head butts).

Food cravings: Sweets and citrus fruits

Food aversions: Anything I did not like before, I detest now

Gender: We will be finding out in 3.5 weeks. As for what we feel, it used to be definitely boy but now we start to think girl sometimes. 3 out of 4 theories say girl. Just 24 more days until we find out, if pumpkin cooperates.

Labor Signs: I hope these stay away for a long time!!

Belly Button in or out? The belly button is still in the same position, but the bump is starting to move up behind it.

What I miss: Right now, not crying at everything. I had to stop Ben from hugging me because it made me cry

What I am looking forward to: Dr. appointment next Wednesday and Anatomy scan in 3.5 weeks

Weekly Wisdom: I had some crappy things happen to me but none of them really got to me because I knew pumpkin is healthy and happy

Milestones: Officially making it to the 2nd Trimester and going public with our big news

Measurements: Chest- Same as last week, Stomach-+.25”, Hips-Same as last week

Here is a profile shot of pumpkin. You can see bones now which is so cool!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finally something worth blogging about

Ben and I are so happy that we can finally announce.....

After many months of frustration we finally got pregnant and we are so excited. We are due October 10th, the day before our anniversary. That means no trip this year but I will settle for a baby.

Here is me getting ready for our first ultrasound.

This kid has already been photographed 5 times so here are the progress pictures.

This is our first ultrasound at 6w2d. At this point all you could see was that little bean and it was mostly a heartbeat.

Here is pumpkin at 7w4d. In a week and two days the baby had tripled in size. The head is on the right and I am guessing that is still the remnants of its tail on the other end.

Here is pumpkin at 11w2d. You can see the little head on the right and even a little ear.

Here is pumpkin 2 days later at our NT scan. I love being able to see their little arms and legs and even its nose. They wiggled all over the place and squirmed away from the ultrasound tech.

I am sorry this is a little blurry but it is a screen shot from the video I took during this ultrasound at 12w6d. You can see that pumpkin's head is more normal sized now. I love this picture because it reached up and rubbed its eye with its fist. It was so cute! You should see the video and how active they were. They kept using their little legs to push off and dance around. I am sure that is cute now but will not be as they get bigger.

I will be posting a lot more now that I have something to blog about. Look for a weekly update on Mondays when I turn over to the next week (it might be a day late every once in a while). You can watch baby and I grow over the next 6 months.