Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Introducing Violet

So I am obviously not 50 weeks pregnant,and I am obviously horrible at blogging. I have so little free time that when I finally get on my computer, I completely forget about trying to keep up with this. In fact, my mind completely blanks out on all the things that I kept thinking that I needed to do when I finally got on my computer.

Quick Birth Story. My due date came and went, much to my (and my mother's) frustration. Two days after my due date, I was laying in bed when my water broke. When my water broke with Scarlett, it was a trickle. This was a waterfall. We called around and made arrangements for the kids while we finished packing.

We got to the hospital where they checked me and I was at 5cm. I was having contractions but my nurse and doctor thought it was so odd that I was this far along but not in pain. After getting settled in, Ben and I started doing laps around the floor. I started having more contractions and eventually they started coming one on top of the other and majorly hurting. I went much longer without my epidural this time but I was only at 6cm. I eventually got my epidural but they started suggested pitocin to move things along since I was not progressing a ton. They checked me and I was still at 7cm. 15 minutes later my doctor brought in the pitocin but decided to check me again and I was at 9cm so she wanted me to start pushing.

I pushed once and my doctor looked at Ben and asked if he wanted to help. He got all decked out in gloves and a gown and he sat on the stool between my legs. The doctor stood next to him but Ben delivered the baby. He coached me, helped her come out, caught her and then gave her to me. (I did not put  those pictures on here for good reasons). It was such a neat experience for him. It took just a few pushes and I got to watch part of it all in a mirror (which I never wanted to do with the other kids).

Violet was born at 9:45 pm on November 15th. She weighed 7lbs 11oz (same as I did). They said that she was 21.5 inches long but they were wrong because she was only 20.5 inches at her one month appointment. Her head does not look it but is 14.5 inches. The doctor was shocked and said it was one of the biggest she had seen. Yeah, Miller was 15 inches.

She has the sweetest little face!

The kids absolutely love her! Scarlett freaked out the first time she saw me nurse her but then the next time, she tried to help her and hold her head. They are always kissing on her and asking to hold her. Scarlett's new catch phrase is, "Hi baby ViiiiIIIII". The ending gets longer and more high pitched every time she says it. Miller is such a good helper and does anything he can to help her. As soon as she cries, Scarlett searches for her paci and starts shushing to her.

People always terrified me about having 3 kids and it is different, but not terrifying. I had a little anxiety at the beginning, like "what did I get myself in to" but that has passed. I just find it feels weird to have this two older kids that are very independent and then this little person who is so needy. I have a relationship with Miller and Scarlett because we interact with each other but poor Violet just does not have a full personality yet. The contrast between them feels so weird and I know it will pass as she gets older and interacts more but right now, it bugs me.

Besides that, we are doing great. She is a good sleeper and eater. We have a routine that we are getting into which makes me feel better. She is not great about being put down but sorry kid, you are the third kid and it has to happen. Sometimes she is a little difficult to get to sleep but nothing too bad. She is so happy when she is talked to. It is Miller's favorite thing to get her to make "a laughing face" aka, smile. We are just trying to enjoy every moment with this new tiny person.

I would like to say that I will blog more but the only reason that this one is happening is because Violet let me put her down earlier than she normally allows. I will try, but I doubt much will happen.