Thursday, March 28, 2013

Miller's New Activity Area

I blogged about setting up Miller's activity area over at Wives Unscripted but I wanted to show it off over here too. You can go over there for more info on the details though.

We knew that Miller was getting to the age where he would color and need a space to do activities. I had been on Pinterest and Craigslist, looking for the right plan for us. Ultimately we bought some things and reused others from around the house. We decided to use a corner in our dining room since it was somewhere that we had space and we could keep an eye on him.

Dining Room Before

Dining Room After

There is a bookshelf that we painted on the right, with some bins from Dollartree. Next to that, there is a filing cabinet that we painted. As I mentioned in another post, all of these things are empty since we do not exactly trust Miller to leave them contained. The frames on the wall are just some simple Goodwill frames, painted, cork backing and clips so that we can hang Miller's artwork in style. The small table is from Ikea and we painted it the color from Miller's room. The little chairs are also from Ikea. There is a pegboard behind the table that will eventually have hooks and other organizing tools when he is a bit older. Obviously I painted that. Oh and I hung vinyl table cloths on the wall and put down carpet squares to contain any future messes.

For Christmas I made this board for Miller from an oil drip pan. It is chalkboard on one side......

.....and fabric on the other. It is the perfect place to use the quilted alphabet that Miller got for his birthday from the Campbell's.

We put it all together when Miller was napping so we could see his reaction when he woke up to see it. He ran straight to it and was so excited to see the chairs. 

For now, I put his snack and water there and he will sit for a few minutes. It is so cute that he gets excited to sit there. He is getting craft stuff from the Easter Bunny (so it told me) and I am excited to play with him in his new activity area.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Pictures

So I have had a little absence from blogging. It is not that I do not care about blogging anymore but I found myself thinking of doing things with the intention of blogging rather than just doing them. When I would do activities with Miller, I spent more time focusing on taking good pictures rather than being in the moment with him. I decide to keep blogging but not with the purpose of doing things to blog about them. Does that make sense? Here are some pictures from the last few weeks.

This kid is crazy about blueberries lately. The fun thing about that is that everything turns blue/purple. His mouth, teeth, fingers, etc (I am not going to go into details but I am sure you get what I am saying). 

 We set up a new activity area for Miller in our dining room. There are some drawers and containers to put stuff in but for now, we know Miller would just empty them onto the floor so they are empty. Lately he grabs this one and wears it on his head. It is so cute because he thinks that he is so funny when he does it. 

When I was pregnant, I saw this adorable suit from Gwen Stefani's Harijuku Kids line at Target. I wanted it to so badly but not for $20. I waited for it to be on sale and nabbed it but it was only in 18months. I found it in the closet last week and had to put it on him. They are his formal PJs.

Notice the shopping cart there? We were at a consignment store and while I was looking through clothes, Miller played with that. We knew that we could not leave without it and it was only $3 so we got it. The problem was when we tried to get him into the car, we literally had to pry it out of his fingers as he kicked and screamed. For the next couple of days he was obsessed with it. 

I do have a few more posts to put up soon and I am sure there will be some things from this weekend.

Monday, March 11, 2013

February Pics

Sorry, that I haven't been posting much. We just have not had a lot of blog worthy things to post about so I took a break. 

In the middle of February we went up to TN for Ben's nieces birthday party. It was great to get to see the Trusty family. 

Miller getting into trouble, as usual. 

Randomly, Miller will just go and gaze out our kitchen windows at the trees and animals.

Sharing snacks with daddy. 

Remember when I posted about Miller's random fashion choices on Valentine's Day? Well here is another. While we were in TN, Ben's parents got Miller these swim trunks and for a week, I left them in the bag downstairs. Miller found them and had to wear  them. It was not just for a minute so I could take a picture, it was all day, and the next. He thought he was hilarious!

We have been planning and working on an activity space for Miller. Finally, last weekend, we put it all together. Miller helped daddy put the chairs together.

Just wanted to share with the world, that most days, this is what my house turns into whenever Miller is awake. I was amazed at the amount of destruction so I had to take a picture.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Valentine's Day Recap

Better late than never. I spent a lot of time doing activities, crafting and baking for Valentine's Day and had very little planned for the actual day. We made the best of it.

I ended up baking lots of different things to give to our friends. Here are the cookies that we made. Who says they are just for Christmas? Aren't they pretty!?!?

On the 13th, we watched Isla and Ruby so Heather and Steve could go to a class. I considered it Miller and Isla's Valentine's date. He had so much fun with the girls.


I totally did not expect Ben to do anything for Valentine's  but the next morning I woke up to find this downstairs. 

Miller and I got up and got ready,and went to Ben's office to have lunch with him and drop of sweets for our friends. It was a nice day so we were able to eat outside and Miller ran around the deck. 


We came home and got back into comfy clothes. For Miller, it was going to be a onesie and his V-day legwarmers that I made him last year. The day before I had received these pants that I had ordered for him. I tried them on and he refused to take  them off, so I just put the legwarmers over them. Add in his striped socks from earlier in the day and voila, the epitome of toddler fashion.

That night, Ben brought me home these beautiful flowers. He knows that I would rather have a plant that will bloom over and over again than flowers that will die after a week or so. Plus, I LOVE hydrangeas.

Ben also brought home strawberries so we could all make chocolate covered strawberries. Miller approved. 

Finally dessert- chocolate champagne cupcakes.