Friday, June 20, 2014

Scarlett Monthly Update: Month Six


I am in shock, complete and utter shock, that this little girl is 6 months old. I will admit that I was a little sad and I have no idea where the time went. Ben finally told me that I am sad because I pretty much lost 2 two months to moving and a few weeks to the holidays. He is right! I mean, I try to cherish every moment with my kids, even the bad ones, but we have had some pretty hectic times over these 6 months. I know that we have loads of fun ahead of us but I want to scream at time to slow down. If not, I will just have to keep having babies to satisfy my baby obsession (as Ben calls it).

Weight: 18lbs 9oz (+9lbs 14oz) (Miller was 19lbs)

Height: 27in (+6.5in) (Miller was 27.5in)

Head: 17.5in (+3.75in) (Miller was 18.5in)

Sleep:UGH!!! She is such a happy baby and mostly so predictable during the day but at night, she is so inconsistent. Miller would at least form a pattern for a few nights before it would change. Every night with this girl is different. Some nights she is down for 30 minutes and wakes up, some nights it is 5 hours. For a few nights last week, she would wake up and just want to chat. Well I found out this weekend that her first tooth popped through so that might have been the problem because the two nights after that, she slept 9 hours straight. Or it could be that I started swaddling her differently because my little Houdini can always get out of them. Naps have been the same way. She should be taking 2-3 naps a day and most days she only takes one 1 hour nap. I have been so frustrated lately. 

Eating:  Here is where she is predictable, and still eating every 2-3 hours, sometimes 4 depending on what we are doing. We started her with solids and gave her carrots this past weekend. She was not too thrilled with the taste. She has liked avocados and loved watermelon. We are going to start super slow with solids and just give her food if we have something baby appropriate.

Best Moment: I love that she can sit up and interact with us. I wish Miller did not find this as an invitation to push her over or pull her down but I think she likes being able to see everything around her.

Milestones: Like I mentioned above, she got her first tooth last weekend. Also, when she does get on her belly, she can get up on her hands and knees but there is no forward movement. Miller started crawling a few weeks from now so we will see what this girl does. She has also gotten really good at sitting up. If she falls, it is when she falls forward trying to get something.  And she finally officially rolled over from back to belly. She has pretty much been able to do it but just could not get over her arm.

Monthly Wisdom: I reread some of my wisdom from Miller's old posts and it still rings true. I feel like we have been in survival mode for most of the past 3 years and I am so tired of it. I do not want to be bored but I want to feel settled. I have been trying really hard the last month to get in a routine and I am successful to a degree, but no matter what I do, chaos still ensues. In my old post I said that I just there will always be chaos but I just need to try to enjoy it.

Goals for the Upcoming Month: I am going to keep working with her on the floor. Starting solids slowly. I am trying to maintain the routine we started and I am hoping that we can get in a better situation with her nap and make that plural.

So at this point Miller's hair was growing in and hers is being super slow. It has grown a little bit and we can already tell it is a totally different shade than Miller's. I do not want to jinx myself but it is definitely slightly red. The picture does not show it because it is the old brown hair she was born with but the undergrowth is lighter and redder. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Scarlett's 6 Month Pictures

I was kind of lazy doing Scarlett's 3 month pictures so I made sure to get the 6th month ones that I wanted. I love capturing the seasons that we are in so I wanted to do a summery picnic outside. The location ended up being perfect and I am super happy with how they turned out.

I am not one to call my daughter a princess or be into super frilly things for her (I like some frills but I have a limit) but once the thought struck me to do a tutu, I was obsessed. She looked so pretty and I kept wanting to call her my "gorgeous little princess". While we were out in the field, she was winding down but I love the paci in this one.

There is always a picture like this for every shoot that I have done with kids. They are some of my favorites. I think I want to get them all framed for a gallery wall.

I took these the next day at home. She was obviously much happier.

I call this one her "glamour shot".

This makes her look so much chunkier than she actually is. The rufflebutt is not flattering but it is so cute!

I have already started compiling ideas for her and Miller's next shoots. So excited for them but I do not want these months to go by too quickly.