Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Miller Week 19

I realize that in the below pictures that Miller is in his jammies for 4 out of 5 of them. I would like to say it is just a coincident but in reality, he spends most days just hanging out in them.

This is nothing too exciting from the week. Miller and I ventured to Mass alone for Ash Wednesday. He was so good for me and got his ashes. He kept staring at my forehead the rest of the evening.

We have broken out some new cloth diapers to try out for night time. They are pockets so you can stuff them to be more absorbent. They are super stuffed so Miller looks a little hippy.

He is not really using his swing how he is supposed to. Kind of outgrowing it.

We love how he is holding on to the Jumperoo as he jumps.

He got tired while he was playing so he laid his head down for a rest. Hard work holding up the ginormous noggin!

On Thursday we left for Knoxville. Saturday we headed up to Ben''s sisters house in Greeneville for his niece's birthday party where we got to see most of the Trusty clan. I will post those pictures later.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Miller Week 18

The beginning of last week was busy with Valentine's preparations. Rather than stress out by trying to go to dinner, we decided to make a nice dinner at home but that took planning since everything takes so much longer with a munchkin.

We started off the day by getting up and getting ready. We got packed up and went to visit Ben at work. We delivered the pink champagne cupcakes that we had made (btw, they might be my new favorite). We had a breakfast that morning that had been cancelled so I asked Ben if would like to join us for lunch, so that was our romantic date out.

Miller and I came home and waited for Ben. Here are the Valentine's that we made. (From left to right) Miller made that one for his girlfriend Isla. The next one we made for Ben. It has his little fingerprints inside that I tried to shape like hearts but just did not work. It has a glitter heart on the front because Ben hates glitter. The last one is the one I made for Miller.

We got some other exciting Valentines. My two best friends, Heather and Lindsey, both finally came out to the world to announce that they are pregnant and due within a week of each other. We already knew but I am so excited that we do not have to whisper about it anymore.

Miller and his Valentine from Mommy and Daddy. Of course it goes straight in his mouth.

My boys with their Valentine's cards.

Here is what I got. Kind of strange I know. Flowers and a card are standard. The cheesy pouffs, I love them but never keep them in the house because I will eat them all. Ben got them because I keep hearing that I am not eating enough calories for nursing. My candy was my favorite, and yes it does happen to be Easter candy. Then there was the chocolate wine that I always wanted to try but never could convince myself to get because I am not the biggest drinker. I told Ben years ago that I would prefer homemade cards. Normally they are fine but I loved that this one featured my little cupid on it. He is the little angel in the top corners in the front and he is inside.

For dinner, we made salmon and spaghetti carbonara. It was so good! We also had leftover champagne from the cupcakes, and chocolate dipped, cheesecake stuffed strawberries.

The next day we had Miller's 4 month appointment. Doesn't he look so cool in his sunglasses? He actually really likes them, which is good because I hated him getting the sun in his eyes in the car. I laughed the whole time I was driving looking back in the mirror to find this.

I already reported about his appointment but here he is when we got home. Look at those rosey cheeks. He was fine that afternoon, took a long afternoon nap, and that evening he was horrible. He would not stop crying and even mommy cried. Thanks goodness he was all better the next day!

Trying to eat his feet.

Playing video games with daddy. At first he was so entertained by them, and helping Ben drive, but he soon fell asleep.

This weekend we went to brunch with Steve, Heather, and Isla, ran some errands and huge out around the house. We tried to rest after our busy Valentine's/doctor's appointment week.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Miller: Month Four

Miller had his 4 month appointment. The doctor says he looks great. He had shots and I was actually looking forward to them so that maybe he would sleep. Nope, after a nap in the car, he was in a great mood. Of course, he then woke up and screamed for the next few hours. It was awful! I was so sad for him but them frustrated because crying will not make anything better but mommy's cuddles would if he would have just calmed down.

His head is still off the charts and the doctor said he is fine because it is following the curve but they will check it again in 2 months. I asked him what would be a reason to be concerned. He said that he could have hydrocephalus but he would show other symptoms of that by now. I pointed out that Ben has a big head and mine is not tiny and he is sure that it is just a hereditary ginormous head. We were cleared to try solids but we are going to wait until he 6 months to do that. Now to your regularly scheduled update.

Weight: 16lbs 4 oz (+8lbs 2 oz- doubled his birth weight exactly)- 75% percentile

Height: 25.75" (+ 4.25")- 75% percentile

Head: 18" (+3")- off the charts

Sleep: He is so inconsistent but not a bad sleeper. Two weeks ago he was having two 45 minute naps and one long 2-3 hour nap. Last week, he would take mostly four 45 minute naps. Some nights he would sleep 7 hours and only eats once at night, others he eats 2-3 times at night. This week has been terrible. I fight to get him to sleep, then he only sleeps for 30 minutes and wakes up crabby. He is also sleeping at night but not very well which keeps me up. Plus his cry has developed into a shriek so it is even harder to ignore. They say this is normal at this stage and regulates more after 6 months, I just wish we had more consistency so we could plan more during the day.

Eating: Nothing out of the ordinary. Every 2-3 hours on both sides. Sometimes if we are out, he can go a little bit longer but normally he is consistent. He has recently started spending less time eating so I think he is becoming more efficient at it.

Best Moment: Him laughing makes me so happy but even better is when he does it to Ben. Daddy-son bonding is hard in the beginning because I have to do most everything for Miller, so anything that gets those two boys bonding makes me happy.

Milestones: As I have mentioned before, a few weeks ago he laughed. He is not doing it all the time but I know he will eventually. He is rolling over from belly to back, and almost the other way. Also, he is working on sitting up on his own.

Monthly Wisdom: (So I kind of hate this question and did while I was pregnant. I feel like it is the same. Cherish this stage. This too shall pass. I am not a bad mom. Blah, blah, blah.) I have really been missing being pregnant and have had to be talked off the ledge with starting again but I realize that I need to cherish Miller and all his firsts. He has so many exciting things on the horizon that I am not sure I could enjoy them and being pregnant equally. When he is a little bit older, it will be easier to do both.

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
- Sleeping in his crib (check), now just to get him to take longer naps in there. I am sticking to my guns and not letting him sleep anywhere but the crib, even if he only sleeps a short time. That is HIS bed!!
- Mommy is going to try to get out more without Miller. The gym once a week and maybe to see friends (although they all like seeing Miller too).
- Another date exchange with Heather and Steve.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Little Valentine!

Happy Valentine's from the Trusty family!!! Here are some pictures of Miller that I took to celebrate.

He was not the most enthusiastic for some of these pics.

Legwarmers that mom and I made.

Miller and his Valentine, Isla.

My little cupid.

Here are the Valentine's the sent out (as in emailed).

I will post later about how we spent the day.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Miller Week 17

Look, I remembered to do pictures this week. Actually, you all are getting a treat because I have these today, tomorrow I have Valentines pictures and at the end of the week I have Miller's 4 month update (which I am waiting on doing until his pediatricians appointment on Wednesday).

He fell asleep on the way home from something (???I honestly can not remember what??).

Monday night we went out and did a little shopping with Heather, Isla and Lindsey. We can still manage to take one car but it will not be long until that is impossible.

So I have been making a big push for him to take all his naps in his crib. This week was a success. Obviously if we are out he sleeps on one of us or in his carrier but no more sleeping in his swing. Here is what happens when he wakes up.

"What is going on? Where am I"

"What the heck? Why are you not holding me woman? I do not like being down here!!!!!!!"

"Oh, its Mommy. I love her! She is so funny. Now get me out since I am being sweet!"

Helping Ben work from home.

So I went back to the gym for the first time this week. On my way home, I get a text from Ben, "can he nap?" I figured he was just being crabby and I would see how he was acting when I got home. I walk in the door to find this. Ben said, all of a sudden he noticed he was not jumping anymore but the music was still going and looked over to find him like this. I love that his arms are sprawled to the side like he just gave up.

As I have said before, when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he comes into our bed. Normally he will not sleep once I wake up so Thursday when I had to get up to watch Isla, I figured he would too. Nope, he stayed fast asleep.

On Thursday, I had girls night shopping thing downtown. Rather than deal with traffic and a baby in the backseat, I convinced Lindsey to take MARTA (subway) with me. Miller started off the trip asleep but woke up halfway. His eyes got so big when the doors would open and close. He is so cosmopolitan now!

Saturday, we went to Lauren's birthday party so Miller had to wear his snazzy new pants.

See you tomorrow for Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Miller's Two New Tricks

Two videos to share with you today.

1) Miller has learned to roll over, belly to back, this week. He is super close to doing it the other way, but no rush. I am not ready for him to be mobile. This was the third time he did it and I am so glad I had the camera out. He has no clue what to do after he has done since it happens so fast.

2) He has finally started to laugh. He has been smiling for a while now, and most times will make a noise but it is not a true laugh. He did it a few times when we were in Knoxville but the other night Ben was trying to entertain him while he changed his diaper and I managed to get it on video. I think the funny thing is that he was kind of crabby so he is not really smiling but still laughing. Please ignore Ben being goofy.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Miller Week 16

So I promise I am going to try to be better to post pictures of Miller (and us sometimes) once a week. They may not be interesting but they are us.

Here are a few of Miller from when we were in Knoxville last week.

Everything goes in the mouth. Especially likes other people's and his own fingers.

Bath time with his Ninny. He loves getting baths from my mom in her sink.

Playing on his activity mat.

On Saturday we watched Heather and Steve's little girl while they want on a date. Then on Sunday we swapped and they watched Miller while we went out. It was soooo nice but I missed the baby so much. (I had no makeup on so I cropped myself out of the picture)

Miller watching the superbowl in his Jumperoo.

He has started becoming much more aware of his surroundings, which means that it is harder for him to sleep just anywhere. This has led to a decrease in naptime unless we are home and he is in his crib. He did take a nap at Steve and Heather's but it was not very long and by the time he was tired again, it was too late for a nap. We tried to keep him up but this is what ended up happening. He was worn out and slept so much last night.