Monday, March 31, 2014

We Bought a House

Well we are packing up the kids (literally) and moving.

After years of talking about moving back to Tennessee, we decided that we wanted to stay here in Georgia. We love the opportunities that our family has here and all of our friends. We wish that we could raise our kids in the same town of family but we are only a few hours away and it is not a bad drive. 

Since we were staying here, we decided to buy a house. We started looking back in January with the intention of moving later this year but then we found a house we loved and things got fast tracked. It has been scary and stressful but it is finally ours. I will post a photo tour once I get a free second between, moving, cleaning and our normal daily activities and chores. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Another Zoo Trip

After we went to Tennessee, Ally and mom came back with us for Ally's springbreak. We picked a nice day and went to the zoo. I am amazed at what Miller remembered from the zoo. He would tell me what exhibit was next, and of course what all the animals do.

He loved getting to feed the goat some hay.

To get him away from the goats, we told him we were going to go to the elephants. He wanted to feed them so he took these two tiny pieces of hay for them.

He loves the parakeets. I love watching him so happy watching them.

All the lions were out. The daddy was taking a nap on the top of the rock, the babies were playing in the grass and the mommy was watching. So similar to my house.

Every time is more fun with him. We are planning to go to the zoo when we go to Memphis soon and the Knoxville zoo as well. I hope he gets excited to see different animals and different exhibits.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break in Knoxville

A few weeks ago we went back to Tennessee to visit to with our family from Texas and North Dakota who was in town. We had not been back since Christmas and everyone got to see Scarlett as a baby and not a newborn anymore.

Mom always bathes the babies in the sink. Scarlett was quite content.

Miller saw Scarlett in the sink and decided that he wanted to have a bath in the sink as well.

Ann was holding her but I cropped her out because she was blinking anyways. I figured she would prefer it that way.

One of Miller's dance moves is "pose". It has had a few different versions over the years and this is the latest one.

The brought their dog from Texas. Kirby is so sweet and let Miller play with her, in exchange for stealing Miller's food. Miller had so much fun playing with Kirby that week.

During the week Scarlett and I went with Nolan to pick out an engagement ring for his girlfriend (now fiancee) Emily. It was so great to meet her and be there in town to celebrate their engagement.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Scarlett Monthly Update: Month Three

Weight: 13lbs 13oz (+5lbs 2oz) (Miller was 14lbs 13oz)

Height: 24in (+3.5in) (Miller was the exact same)

Head: 16.5in (+2.75in) (Miller was 17in)

Sleep: We are not where we wanted to be but nothing is bad. She goes to sleep a little bit after Miller, and sleeps a 5-7 hour stretch. Then she gets in bed with me while I feed her and stays there all night. She might wake up another time or two to eat. I really wanted her sleeping in her own bed by now but we have a few things going on that made that difficult. I am hoping within the next month or two, we can transition her to at least starting in her bed. She is still taking 2-3 cat naps a day and one good long nap. 

Eating: She still eats every 2-3 hours. We were in Knoxville last week and her whole routine was off. Her normal cycle (sleep, eat, happy, grumpy, repeat) is 3-4 hours at home but there it was down to 1.5-2 hours which was super stressful for me. Hopefully she will ease back into her normal routine again.

Best Moment: She is apparently quite the mommy's girl. While in Knoxville she cried when anyone but me held her. Within a few days she eased out of that but still had some moments of stranger danger. While I really do not care for a clingy baby, it is sweet that she loves me that much because I sure as heck love her that much.

Milestones: No real milestones really, unless getting cuter by the day counts.

Monthly Wisdom: I honestly have nothing this month. I am just trying to survive day to day so I can not even have any wise thoughts. 

Goals for the Upcoming Month: I still really want to try her in her own bed soon. It might not necessarily be this month but it will be soon.

 Here are my two babies at 3 months old. They really look similar but I do not think these pictures show it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Monthly Randomness- February

Sometimes I just have a bunch of random pictures that have no connecting theme. Here are just a couple from February (although one might be very early March).

When Miller was a baby, Ben would wear him in the Bjorn and vacuum. She is normally carried in a different carrier (Moby and Ergo) but Ben likes this one for just quick things around the house and we thoughts she would like to look around. She ended up liking it a bit too much and fell asleep. It was so pitiful to watch her nod off but so cute!

Okay so I mostly have pictures of Scarlett sleeping. I feel bad that she does not have as many pictures as Miller but I barely have any hands free between the two of them. If my hands are free, one or both of them is asleep.

It was bathtime and we were in the bathroom dealing with Miller. I came back a minute later to get her and she had fallen over and asleep.

Ben was cutting Miller an apple but Miller wanted it whole. He ran over to snatch it as Ben was cutting. He came back a minute later and said, "a mess". Yeah he had blood in his apple because apparently Ben had nicked him when Miller took the apple. He was not at all concerned about the cut but he did not like the mess on his apple. We went to put a bandaid on him and that was more traumatizing than anything. We finally convinced him to put on a Pooh bandaid as long as Pooh had one too.

I am an Oscar Fanatic. Oscar day is one of my favorite holidays and I made sure to make  the kids watch some this year. I decided to get Scarlett dressed up in honor of the day (while I stayed comfortably in my sweats).

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patricks Day 2014!

I love St Patrick's Day. With a bunch of things going on and just getting back from a week in TN, we are not really celebrating properly but I still love it.

You have my permission to kiss her because she is Irish (and super cute). 

They definitely give me the side eye when I set them up for mini shoots.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Winter Trip to the Zoo

Every weekend I think, we need to go to the zoo since we have a membership. This weekend in late February, we had a warm day in the 60s so we took advantage.

They had an area where these little birds (finches??) flew around. I thought Miller would not be interested in it but he loved it. He was so fascinated in watching them fly around. 

When we said that we were going to the zoo, the first thing Miller said was, "a zebwas". I have no idea how he connected the zoo to zebras (because he has not paid any attention to them on our past zoo visits), but he knew that is what he was going to see this time. He even saw a Bongo that has stripes like a zebra so he called it  the "red zebwa".

They have a playground near the reptile house (which I am not a fan of) so of course we let Miller play.

My two monkey's watching the other monkeys.

I wore Scarlett in the Moby most of the time but once we stopped for lunch, I switched her over to the stroller since Miller wasn't using it.

Last time we came, we all rode the train but Miller was not a fan of the tunnels it travels through so we did not think he would want to go again. Apparently he forgot and asked to go again. I took him while Ben stayed with Scarlett. He was fine until we got to the tunnels and then he asked to get "out out". We survived and I am sure he will ask to go again. 

I love the flamingos that are by the entrance and so does Miller.

Miller had so much more fun this time than last. We are planning to head back next week and I am so excited.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014 Recap

I have been noticeably absent from the blog. On the one hand, nothing much is going on day to day yet we have some big things going on as well. Plus, with two kids, I have so little time and energy to do much besides the things that have to be done day to day. I know things will ease up eventually but Scarlett's needs are so demanding and then I also have to deal with Miller's as well.I am just now getting around to recapping our Valentine's day.

It was very low key. Scarlett actually had her 2 month doctors appointment (with shots!) in the afternoon. We met Ben at work and had a picnic in one of the office conference rooms. It was kind of fun but better than doing nothing. I made a feta and cherry tomato salad and a strawberry and avocado salad. They were simple and yummy. 

I also made red velvet brownies with oreo truffle and chocolate ganache topping. They were yummy except the brownies kept separating from the rest.

The next morning (when I had Ben to watch the kids) I made some festive cinnamon rolls.