Monday, April 23, 2012

Miller Week 28

Miller is continuing with the solid foods. I will admit, it kind of stresses me out. Maybe I have not mentioned it before, but this kid is kind of intense. He gets so excited that things escalate from super happy to frustrated/ overstimulated/ overexcited/ inconsolable in a matter of a seconds. He really likes food so we can no longer stick a bite of anything in our mouths before Miller is begging us for something and will not leave us alone. I feel like I have a dog! Then of course, every meal ends up with the frustrated and overstimulated state. Not to mention that he has been kind of stressed out with the move and his only known environment being in boxes for weeks and then being completely moved. Now, this past weekend we came up to Knoxville and all the people and mostly unfamiliar places are sending him over the edge. I would like to take solace in the fact that we will go home and things will be normal but we have four trips that we are going on within the next month and a half. So basically, we can get back into a late June.

Here is the happy phase with this meal. This was pumpkin and oatmeal.

I love his hair!

Friday we had about the most perfect Knoxville day. We went downtown, had lunch at Tomato Head, visited the soon to be gone YeeHaw, had a crepe (which Miller loved) at the French Bakery we have been dying to try, then went to campus. On campus we toured Miller around the architecture building where we ran into some old professors and two old friends. It was a great day!

Since we do not take our high chair everywhere we go, we took our Bumbo to Knoxville and placed Miller at the easiest place to clean, outside.

His Poppy hung up a swing for him. The first night he was not too sure of it, but the next day he could not get enough. He fell asleep after quite a bit of swinging and took a 45 minute nap out there. It started to get chilly so Ben covered him up in a towel.

Then he woke up and swung some more. 

Our main reason for coming up here was to get my baby sister ready from prom. I am still in shock that my little, baby sister is old enough to go to prom since it seems like it was yesterday that I went and she was just a kid. Doesn't she look gorgeous!

Lindsey and her friend Kate. The boys were late so I just got pictures of the two beauties.

Dad and his baby girl. Funny story: I have a picture with my dad from my senior prom and it has been on my bedside table since I was in college. 

Miller and his aunt Lindsey.

Miller and his Poppy. Do you see the identical chins? I really need to get a side by side pic of both of them smiling and you can see how strong these Price genes are.

Miller and I decided to stay the week and Ben went back on Sunday. We will be hanging out with family and seeing some friends, and hopefully getting this baby under control.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Miller: Month Six

(This is a week late because I was waiting for his correct measurements from his doctors appointment.)

Guess who is a whole half of a year old? MILLER!! I totally cried when he turned 5 months but I was somewhat excited about 6 months because it meant that he could try real food. I am slightly worried that it will be more of a hassle but I am excited for him to try new things. I am also feeling so good to say that we have made it half of a year. Yes, there is a very long road ahead of us but we are settling so well as a family.

Everything looked good at our appointment. He is developing perfectly. He had a vision test that he passed with flying colors. He cried for the shots and was whiny on the way home but took them pretty well. 

Weight: 19lbs (+10lbs 14oz)- 75th percentile

Height: 27.5" (+ 6")- 75th percentile

Head: 18.5" (+3.5")- same as last month, which is off the chart but following the curve

Sleep: Before I start this, I need to knock on wood. I would like to think that we have turned a corner. While nothing is consistent and that drives me crazy, he is starting to sleep longer stretches at night. In the past two weeks, we have had over half of those nights starting with a 6-9 hour stretch, eating and back to sleep until morning. He does do a restless whiny thing sometimes in the morning stretch. As for naps, most days he takes at least one 1.5 hour nap, sometimes two of those, and sometimes those naps are longer. Like I said, at this point I just wish he was consistent and we could get on a schedule. I hate never knowing what the day will bring. We said we would give him a month on solid food and see how his sleep regulated before we began any sleep training. It seems like our main problem is not sleeping all the way through the night. We have a lot going on in the next month so we will work on it after that.

Eating: I have been trying to stretch out his feedings to 3 hours apart but sometimes it is shorter if we are going somewhere and I want to nurse him before we go. In the past week, he has started solids. I was going to go the traditional route with cereal, then veggie purees and then fruit purees but so far this kid is not a fan. I think we will be going with starting him eating finger foods of what we eat (the baby appropriate things of course). It was something I was thinking about doing anyways but seeing Miller with his oatmeal and then with pasta noodles have solidified my choice.

Best Moment: I love watching him eat. It is so cute to see him mentally process what is in his mouth.

Milestones: He is sitting up by himself. He got his first and second tooth within a week of each other. He can sit up from laying on his back.

Monthly Wisdom: I love this quote I found on-line. "The love a mother feels for her sons is a miracle. It is natural for a woman to love a girl baby with whom she shares a place in history, culture, and biology. But to love so much that you would be willing to die for beings so vastly different from yourself is nothing short of miraculous" ~Karin Kasin

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
- Getting Miller adjusted to the new house.
- I would love to get him on a schedule but we have 5 trips in 7 weeks so I doubt that will happen.
- Getting him eating all sorts of new foods. 

Things Miller is doing:
- He loves playing peek a boo
- He thinks it is so funny when I steal his pacifier (the outside of it) and attacks me to get it back.
- He gives kisses.
- He reaches for people. It is so sweet when I was rushing around trying to do stuff while we were moving and I would whiz by him and he would reach for me.
- He started to army crawl when he really wants something.
- He is starting with food and learning to bring food to his mouth to eat.
- He also started with a sippy cup.
- He imitates waving to people. He did for our pediatrician today and I was so proud. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Miller Week 27

So last week was full of so much excitement. Miller had two teeth come in, he turned 6 months old (I will have his monthly update up after his pediatrician appointment on Wednesday), he started solids, drinking from a sippy cup, my mom, grandma, and cousin were in town, and we moved.

Here are some pictures of his first food. 

We had my parents on skype so they could see and mom, grandma and Ally were there.

All in all, he did not seem to be a fan of the mushy oatmeal. Grandma and mom started giving him all sorts of food. He loved the milkshake here.

Snuggling with Grandma. 

Messy face!

I made this before he was born. It is not on his normal paci so he is not really into it but he kept interchanging it with his old one. 

Mom feeding Miller a cookie. 

The girls resting while the boys are moving some stuff. 

He likes water like his momma.

We are all moved in and unpacking a little. Hopefully we can get more done soon before all of our trips start. We are heading to Knoxville this weekend for my sisters prom.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Miller's 6 Month Pictures

 I, again, took Miller's 6 month pictures. Please let me know what you think (again, begging for comments). Obviously, we are in some because my awesome friend Heather took some for me. I want to be able to look back and see us as a family and not just one of us with Miller. I worked all Easter afternoon on the editing so I could get them done before the move took over this week.

Of course Miller and his girlfriend, Isla match in purple, and that is because they are a match made in heaven. They are going to make Heather and I gorgeous grand babies in 25 to 30 years.

Ahhh, young love!


"I do not know why daddy always complains about this work thing. This seems like fun!"

He looks like a little boy in some of these pictures. I could not believe it when I was looking at them.

I was actually not satisfied with these pictures while I was taking them but once I got them edited, I loved them. What do you all think?