Monday, December 9, 2013

Baby Girl's Nursery Reveal

Finally, I can show off all our hard work. You can go back and look at the before pictures and all of our start up issues in this post.

I bought this light off of craigslist two years ago because I always loved it at Ikea and knew that I would find somewhere for it. It is perfect in here.

Here are two before/after comparison shots.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Activities with Miller

I have been trying to find things to do with Miller lately. I figure that since we are stuck in the house, we need to find some things to do besides watch TV and play on my phone or iPad.

I finally decided to try painting with Miller again. It was mildly successful just a tad messy. It involves lots of supervision but at least he has fun. Here we were painting a birdhouse that is going to be a Christmas present. 

I posted about painting a picture for the baby's room and here are some pictures from that.

I made homemade playdough for us to play with. Miller is still learning how to play with it but he does like pushing the cookie cutters into it. Then he wants the shapes out of them. This evening, him and Ben made bears and Miller walked around with them like this. I swear I thought that he was going to take them to bed.

This has been our favorite. We have whipped up some dish soap bubbles in my mixer. It kind of makes a mess but since it is just soap, it makes everything nice and clean afterward. Miller loves to have car washes.

The last two times we have done the dish soap bubbles, I made a batch, put them in a container and put them and Miller in the bath tub. Both times, Ben and I were trying to do stuff upstairs so Miller played while we got stuff done. After that, it was bath time so easy clean up.

I am not sure how much we will do after the baby is born but at least I have some things  that he can do when I have an extra hand around the house.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving '13

When I found out that I was pregnant, we looked at the year ahead and realized that we were not going to get to go back to Tennessee for Thanksgiving. It was not the biggest deal but I would really miss some of our traditions. I would miss seeing family and there would be no Fantasy of Trees on Friday. I had been every year since I was 2 and I hated that I was missing a year, even if it was for a good reason. Of course, this is also when they decided to schedule my 10 year high school reunion.

I started to think about it and my doctors advice was not to travel 2 hours away, well this was only 3 hours. I brought it up a few months back and my doctor said she was very comfortable with me going as long as everything checked out alright at my appointment that week, especially since I was going home to my labor and delivery nurse. Of course I had made no progress at my appointment on Tuesday so we got ready to go.

However, that evening I was woken up by Ben throwing up. Miller had been sick on Monday so I was not surprised but I was upset that this might mess up our holiday plans. He ended up feeling okay to ride in the car and I drove us up to TN that afternoon.

On Thursday morning we went to the hospital to visit mom and got our hair cut. That evening we went to my dad and stepmoms house. As soon as we got there, Miller had to run and find his red truck.

It was my nephew Silas' and Ben's birthday. Bobbie had gotten each of them a cake. Ben had to show Silas how to blow out the candles.

The next day we went to the Fantasy of Trees and this time Bobbie, Silas, Leslie and Lisa, Leslie's moms came.

Miller was so excited to play in this train.

Our first main goal was to see Santa. Ben stood in line while we walked him around. We were almost at  the front of the line but he lost patience so Ninny went and made him a cookie.

He would not sit on Santa's lap by himself so Daddy had to join them.

Silas was not really wanting to sit with Santa either. At least they are not crying in this one.

We tried to get Miller to get his face painted but he would not. He was fascinated by Daddy getting his face done and kept looking for it after Daddy washed it off.

Decorating his second cookie of the day.

He said that he wanted to go on the carousel but when we got closer he clammed up. He got all clingy and would not let me put him down. I got him on the ride and his feet on the horse.

He eventually relaxed and let me put him on the horse. He had so much fun and kept saying, "Whoa".

It was a crazy weekend because neither Ben or I felt good. We barely ate the whole time. We had events for my high school reunion on Friday and Saturday night and those were alright. I felt majorly anti social because everyone was up and socializing whereas I was 9 months pregnant and had to sit my butt down to rest. I did get to catch up and see some old classmates.

We headed out on Sunday and unfortunately by that time, mom was sick. We found out that later that a bunch of people got sick but it was all from other sources. That is one nasty bug going around but at least it is a quick one.I hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekly Updates: 37 and 38 Weeks

How far along: 37 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +20lbs again
Maternity clothes: I am just trying to figure out my outfits to get me through the rest of this pregnancy and the events that I have coming up.
Stretch marks: Still nothing.  
Sleep: I am sleeping pretty hard except waking up to roll over. Miller and I keep sleeping in every morning and as guilty as I feel about this, we can correct it later. I am just enjoying the fact that we can right now.    
Best moment this week: I had my sprinkle this past weekend and it was so great to get together with friends to celebrate our little girl.
Movement: The doctor at my appointment this week mentioned doing kick counts. I know for some people they find these comforting but I just think this is one more thing to worry about. This baby girl moves when she wants to and if I were to do the counts their way, we would fail sometimes. I do think she has moved slightly. I can not tell if she dropped or just wiggled in a different nook but the top of my belly feels slightly different.  
Food cravings: No cravings and frankly, eating is just a hassle. I have very little appetite and only have to eat because my body tells me to.
Food aversions: A few things this week have had a weird after taste that I am pretty sure is in my imagination.
Gender: Sweet baby girl
Labor Signs: I am at that point where I am afraid that I will not know when I am actually in labor. As soon as I think I am having a contraction, it goes away quickly and she moves. I am guessing it is just her wiggling around.
Belly Button in or out? No change, still in 
What I miss: I have been so uncomfortable this week. When I am up and doing stuff, I get worn out so easily and my belly starts to hurt. When I sit down, between her kicking and everything getting squished up, I can not breath. When I lay down, I have to lay on my side which only feels good on my belly and the rest of my body is not comfy. I have no idea what it feels like to be normal and I miss that.
What I am looking forward to: I am looking forward to going to TN for Thanksgiving and getting home. Baby Girl can come anytime after we get home.  
Weekly Wisdom: There are days when I am so nervous for her to be here. However, one day this week there were some events with people I know, and articles that I happened upon on-line that were like God telling me to grateful. My nerves have not gone away but it did make me appreciate what I have more.
Milestones: According to some sites, she is full term but I am not ready to count that yet. It is comforting to know that it is safe for her to come anytime but I would like her to wait another 10 days, if not two weeks.  


How far along: 38 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +20lbs again (which surprised me)
Maternity clothes: I wear the same things all the time but I know that I will miss them eventually. I did find a small hole in the side of one shirt and a tear in the elastic of my maternity jeans. I believe that means that they are being too stretched out.
Stretch marks: No stretch marks but right under my belly button, there is a dime size broken blood vessel. I thought it was a stretch mark but Ben and mom looked at it and said it isn’t. Again, my belly is so stretched out! 
Sleep: This has been a rough week for sleep. Miller got a stomach bug, then Ben caught it and kept me up all night and sleeping on the couch. The next night I got the bug and sleeping on the couch at moms house for Thanksgiving. I would love to have a few good nights sleep in my own bed.    
Best moment this week: I had my OB appointment and was happy to hear that I got the all clear to go to TN for Thanksgiving.
Movement: She has been doing some wiggling awfully low and it hurts so bad. Besides that, she has done lots of stretching and rolling from side to side.   
Food cravings: Ugh! Since we all had a stomach bug, and I do not have much of an appetite anyways, no cravings. I actually keep forgetting to eat.  
Food aversions: No strict aversions but I was pretty selective with Thanksgiving food and only ate what I really wanted.
Gender: Girly girl
Labor Signs: At my OB appointment on Tuesday, I was not dilated at all and Baby Girl had not dropped yet. That is great this week since we are going to TN this weekend but next week I will be really annoyed with that.
Belly Button in or out? So stretched out but still in. Ben says he can see the back of it but I do not believe him.   
What I miss: I am seriously never comfortable, not sitting, standing, or  laying down. I have no appetite since my organs are all squished but then I get sick if I do not eat. I am having nausea again. I miss feeling normal (haven’t I said that before).
What I am looking forward to: I am looking forward to our weekend in TN for Thanksgiving. We have family to see and definitely have some traditions to uphold that have been up in the air since we found out we were pregnant.   
Weekly Wisdom: I have had lots of conversations with people about inducing vs. going into labor naturally. I am really hoping Baby Girl comes on her own in a week.
Milestones: 38 weeks is definitely full term. I am so grateful that we have been able to make it this far and have such a healthy pregnancy.