Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekly Update: 25 weeks

How far along: 25 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 24 lbs (So last week I was up a few lbs but didn’t note it. Just so you know, this weight thing is really stressing me out so you might see me post this less and just give an update once a month. I know I should not stress but it is still a difficult aspect of this pregnancy thing for me.)

Maternity clothes: I will be on the lookout for some nice dresses for my maternity pics and showers

Stretch marks: Nothing new

Sleep: I am still doing fine, I was a night owl this week while I had visitors here

Best moment this week: Mom and Ally came and we got A LOT done on Pumpkins nursery and had a successful trip to Ikea to buy some stuff. I got his side table in the scratch and dent section for 30% off.

Movement: Some days he is lazier than others but he is still pretty wiggly

Food cravings: Still loving sweets. I have been into iced coffee that we make at home so I have been doing decaf during the week. It is more coffee flavored chocolate milk.

Food aversions: Some things with strong smells bother me

Gender: Me and my men

Labor Signs: No way in heck

Belly Button in or out? It is stagnant.

What I miss: I am a belly sleeper but with my back being so sore all the time, my back misses being able to lay flat on it.

What I am looking forward to: Going to Knoxville for the 4th of July this weekend and seeing family. On the baby side, I am excited to get the nursery going.

Weekly Wisdom: Lots of advice on registry items and what all really needs to be accomplished before Pumpkin arrives.

Milestones: We are registered! After doing our wedding registery, I was terrified of this since we got pregnant but it was not so bad.

Measurements: Chest- same, Waist- -.75”, Hips- -.25”, Circumference- +.25”

Nursery Progress Update

We made 8 pillows, 8 fabric birds, and the valances. We cut out and pinned the blanket and mom was going to finish it when she got home.

I cut up the excess blanket fabric to make into two additional pillows and a bird. I am going to work on making the letters to spell out his name over his crib and some of the other wall decor.

Here are some pictures from our weekend.


Cheesecake Factory



Saying goodbye


  1. Aww, how fun! Glad you got a lot of things accomplished!!!

  2. I love these updates! I'm doing another one today and may steal some of your ideas on what to update people on... its so great!