Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Scarlett's 6 Month Pictures

I was kind of lazy doing Scarlett's 3 month pictures so I made sure to get the 6th month ones that I wanted. I love capturing the seasons that we are in so I wanted to do a summery picnic outside. The location ended up being perfect and I am super happy with how they turned out.

I am not one to call my daughter a princess or be into super frilly things for her (I like some frills but I have a limit) but once the thought struck me to do a tutu, I was obsessed. She looked so pretty and I kept wanting to call her my "gorgeous little princess". While we were out in the field, she was winding down but I love the paci in this one.

There is always a picture like this for every shoot that I have done with kids. They are some of my favorites. I think I want to get them all framed for a gallery wall.

I took these the next day at home. She was obviously much happier.

I call this one her "glamour shot".

This makes her look so much chunkier than she actually is. The rufflebutt is not flattering but it is so cute!

I have already started compiling ideas for her and Miller's next shoots. So excited for them but I do not want these months to go by too quickly.

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