Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It's a .....(Gender Reveal)

With Miller and Scarlett, I was so anxious to find out the gender that we did not really do anything special to celebrate it. We found out at the anatomy scan and then started calling family.

This time around, I really wanted to find out with the kids. I wanted to do something special since we had not before and because this is our third baby and I want them to know that we did something special for them that we did not do for the other two.

With the first two, we both knew what the babies were before our anatomy scan. We just had a really strong feeling. This time around was no exception. We both thought it was a girl and it did not help that Miller swore that it was too. We tried to tell him that it might be a boy and he would not budge that it was a girl. 

I was really nervous because I really wanted it to be a girl. It was not that a boy would not be great, I just wanted to be right.

This is my genuine surprise that it was pink to come out of the box. I was so excited that I started to tear up.

I was trying to get the kids to understand. I had been practicing with Miller for days what it meant when we would see pink or blue balloons.

It looks like Scarlett is upset to get a baby sister but really she just wanted to run down the driveway and was mad about us putting her in the box. They were really more excited about the balloons than anything.

Something else new this time is that they have a blood test out now that can tell the gender of the baby as early as 10 weeks with a 99% certainty. We decided to do it and actually found out when I was about 15 weeks along (this is when the pictures were taken). We had our anatomy scan and even though the blood test is pretty certain, I was still relieved to see her little girl parts at the ultrasound.

We already have a name picked out (actually we have had it picked out for years) but are still working on a middle name. This is so unlike us to not have a middle name but I have two names that I am just sitting on and seeing how I feel about each one.

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