Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DC- Baby James and old friends

This past week I went to DC to help out my sister-in-law Myra who is recovering from a heart attack by taking care of my almost two month old nephew James. Look how cute he is!!

He loved taking long afternoon naps on aunt Whitney. Uncle Ben was jealous...of both of us.

While there I was very fortunate to get to meet up with some friends. First was dinner Friday night with some old friends, whom I had never met. They were friends of mine that I had met on a wedding message board years ago but never met in person. It was fabulous to finally be able to put a voice to the face and personality.

Saturday, my sister-in-law, Liz drove up from Lynchburg to hang out with me. We went down to the town centre (same on I had dinner at the night before, different restaurant) to walk around. We had fun walking, shopping, talking and finally eating lunch. It was so good to hang out with her. I missed her!

Sunday, I went down to the same town centre (different restaurant) to meet our old college roommate Brandon for brunch. I have only seen him twice since graduating three years ago so we played catch up.

I got home Tuesday and was greeted by Ben at the MARTA station with flowers in the car. Then he took me to Best Buy to surprise me and buy 6 seasons of "Golden Girls" on DVD because "he knew it would make me happy". I think it is because we do not have cable and he is tired of me watching the same shows that we already have on DVD over and over again. Still, what guy would willingly buy his wife "Golden Girls" if he was not a sweetheart.

I am glad to be home but definitely missing little James! I hope he miss aunt Whitney a little.

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