Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day in Knoxville

This past weekend we went back to Knoxville for the long holiday weekend. We spent the weekend hanging out with family, watching the football game, getting my haircut and watching awesome fireworks at Boomsday. We headed downtown and grabbed my favorite pizza (that is easy because I do not like pizza), salmon pesto, at Tomato Head.

Ben enjoying the pizza, sorry it is blurry.

We then walked down towards the river and decided to settle down away from the crowds up the hill next to the courthouse. It was a pretty good view! Just me, waiting for the fireworks.

Ally is afraid of fireworks so we had to drag her down there, kicking and screaming, literally. She had cotton balls in her ears, a hoody over her head and my mom and her own hands over her ears. In the end, she confessed that she liked them.

So as you can tell, our life is pretty boring. Nothing much has happened that is worth blogging about but life is getting ready to get crazy. In a few weeks we head to Memphis for Ben's high school reunion and then 2 weeks after that we will be going to Paris for our 2nd anniversary, then a week after that, a quick trip to Knoxville to see some family. After that, it is all downhill to the holidays. Hopefully I will be posting more then.

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