Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday party with the Trusty's

This past weekend we headed up to East Tennessee. It was a great weekend since we got to see so much of our family. I am going to share some pics from our niece, Annemarie's, 6th birthday party. All of Ben's siblings and theirs spouses were able to make it so we got to spend some great quality time with the Trusty tribe.

The birthday girl blowing out her candles.

Opening up presents.

One of her presents was a kite which required all 3 of her uncles to help her with. As you can see there are hardly any trees in the neighborhood but somehow she managed to keep getting stuck in them. She had a great time with it though!

Here is our sweet nephew, James. As you might recall, I went and helped take care of him back in August, well Ben never got to meet him until this trip.

Here is Uncle Ben and James. He is not sure what to think but he never screamed or cried. He kept smiling at me. He is a sweetie!

Finally, here is a picture of all of the family together. The last time we got this was a year and 2 months ago and there have been some additions since then.

We also visited with my family on this trip but we will have to get to that later. Stay tuned.......

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