Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finally something worth blogging about

Ben and I are so happy that we can finally announce.....

After many months of frustration we finally got pregnant and we are so excited. We are due October 10th, the day before our anniversary. That means no trip this year but I will settle for a baby.

Here is me getting ready for our first ultrasound.

This kid has already been photographed 5 times so here are the progress pictures.

This is our first ultrasound at 6w2d. At this point all you could see was that little bean and it was mostly a heartbeat.

Here is pumpkin at 7w4d. In a week and two days the baby had tripled in size. The head is on the right and I am guessing that is still the remnants of its tail on the other end.

Here is pumpkin at 11w2d. You can see the little head on the right and even a little ear.

Here is pumpkin 2 days later at our NT scan. I love being able to see their little arms and legs and even its nose. They wiggled all over the place and squirmed away from the ultrasound tech.

I am sorry this is a little blurry but it is a screen shot from the video I took during this ultrasound at 12w6d. You can see that pumpkin's head is more normal sized now. I love this picture because it reached up and rubbed its eye with its fist. It was so cute! You should see the video and how active they were. They kept using their little legs to push off and dance around. I am sure that is cute now but will not be as they get bigger.

I will be posting a lot more now that I have something to blog about. Look for a weekly update on Mondays when I turn over to the next week (it might be a day late every once in a while). You can watch baby and I grow over the next 6 months.


  1. So excited to watch y'all grow :o) Hello, little baby Trusty... we love you already!

  2. I was so WAITING for this update!!! YAY!!! Can't wait to see the li'l redheaded pumpkin!!!