Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekly Update: 27 weeks

Belly grew a bit around the middle but other than that, we have hit a little plateau (thanks goodness).

How far along: 27 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Break (I will probably update this next week)

Maternity clothes: Nothing new, but I have a cousin who will be passing some of her maternity clothes down to me soon and I cannot wait to see what cute things she has. I would like some new things in my rotation.

Stretch marks: Nope

Sleep: Minus not being able to get my brain from obsessing about my todo list right as I am going to sleep, fine. Oh, and the fact that someone likes to dedicate that time to practicing his gymnastics.

Best moment this week: My dad and stepmom came down and we got a lot done on the nursery. It is painted, the furniture was bought and setup, and they hauled some things back to TN for us.

Movement: Still has his lazy days but every morning and every night I get a show so I know he is fine. Today has been a very active day. I had my shirt lifted up, watching him move. So cool but so weird!

Food cravings: I realized the other day, all through my first trimester, I was always craving some kind of comfort drink. Now that I am having iced coffee almost every day, I never have it. That must have been it.

Food aversions: Still nothing that will make my heartburn flare up

Gender: All boy

Labor Signs: No way Jose

Belly Button in or out? Stagnant

What I miss: I miss not having simple things wear me out.

What I am looking forward to: Now that the nursery has the big things done, I am super excited to start working on getting it all pulled together. That and getting my doctors appointment on Wednesday over with (see Milestones below).

Weekly Wisdom: I have been having some blues about how things are changing (I know for the good) and getting a little nostalgic but my great friend Heather assured me that we will still have time to be us, it might just take a bit.

Milestones: I have my 28 week appointment (yes at 27 weeks) and I have to do my one hour glucose test and check me for preterm labor. I got the lab results back from our life insurance physical and my glucose was good so I am hoping that bodes well for me on Wednesday. I am just worried since I have insulin resistance and during pregnancy my doctor took me off my meds for it.

Measurements: Chest- same, Waist- -1”, Hips- same, Circumference- +.5”

Nursery Progress Update

I am going to be mean and not post all over pictures until the whole thing is done. Here are some teasers though. My dad and stepmom came down on Saturday and we started with getting the room painted.

Here is a before pic with the green walls that were here when we moved in.

We went to Ikea and got all our furniture and picked up our crib on the way back home. For a day my house was in shambles. Old stuff was going out, new furniture was coming in, things were in transition, packing material was lying around waiting to go to recycling. I was so stressed and on the verge of tears.

Ben started building stuff that night but I did not want to wake our neighbors so we waited until Sunday. I thought it would take Ben working off and on this week to finish it all. Nope, my lego building husband was able to finish it all by Sunday afternoon.

Here is Ben building the crib. I wanted to document it and Ben did not get that it is a big deal when a man builds a crib for his future child.

I told Ben that I was in baby jail.

Today is our 4 year engagement anniversary and Ben brought me flowers. We like to celebrate the small things when we can.

Have a good week everyone!

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  1. You are so cute! I'm so excited for you and glad you're getting a lot of things finished with the little guys nursery! :)