Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekly Update: 29 weeks

How far along: 29 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: break

Maternity clothes: So bored with my current ones. I had the hardest time trying to find something cute to wear on our date night on Friday.

Stretch marks: Nope

Sleep: I sleep good, just not getting much. I get distracted at night with projects and go to bed later than I should. Ben is now giving me a bed time to start this week.

Best moment this week: We had our birthing class and hospital tour and it got me kind of excited for that part of this whole thing.

Movement: He is his usual wiggly self. I find it so funny the noises he responds to. Examples, crinkling paper, Heather and I adjusting the Velcro on his crib skirt, my toothbrush, my mixer, vacuum. I never realized how much babies can hear in there.

Food cravings: I still enjoy my coffee and milk but nothing else really.

Food aversions: Same. We grabbed something for lunch during our birthing class break and it had something in there I did not realize and I gagged after two bites. Thank goodness Ben eats anything.

Gender: My little boy, okay fine, our little boy

Labor Signs: No thank goodness

Belly Button in or out? Same innie as usual

What I miss: I still miss not worrying about how he is doing every five minutes, but I miss some of my old cute clothes and I miss not groaning every time I move. However, I had to get up off the floor quickly at our class and our teacher said I was spry. That made me giggle.

What I am looking forward to: Leaving for the beach in 5 days. We are so excited to see family for a whole week.

Weekly Wisdom: Going to our birthing class changed our minds about our “birth plan” (that term annoys me) and had a lot of good information for both of us. It also made me not as scared of an epidural as I used to be.

Milestones: He should now be at least 3 lbs and this is the last week in the 20’s.

Measurements: Chest- +.25, Waist- same, Hips- -1.5”, Circumference- same

Nursery Progress

-His name banner is complete.
-I made and we hung the mobile over his bed. I am in love with it which is really funny because so many times I thought I would scrap it.
- We hung up the lanterns on his ceiling so now there is a an overhead light in his room.
- I got the large vase for his dresser ordered and set up.
- Heather and I are done with the crib skirt except hemming up the side panels. It is beautiful!!

Just waiting on something for his wall to come so we can hang up all the pictures. That and mom is bringing 2 pillows, a fabric bird and the blanket with her this week. We are almost done!!!! Hopefully I will be posting pictures soon.

Here are a couple of pictures, because I know most people really just like to see those rather than hear me ramble on.

Ben and I on our date night.

Here is an additional bump picture of me (and a sneak peak of the nursery)

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