Thursday, May 3, 2012

Miller Week 29

We spent last week in Knoxville. It is funny because it is not like we do too much when we are there but we seem to be always on the go.

One night we went and had dinner with some friends that had not a had a chance to meet Miller yet. This is Ally with her best friend Kendra (far right) and her sister Malorie (in the middle holding Miller). He was fascinated with the little girls. 

So one night, mom wanted to go to Brusters to get ice cream for dinner. I have been letting Miller taste whatever I have and this was no exception. He got all messy and I wanted to take a picture so I handed my cone to mom.

He grabbed the cone and went to town.

He would not let us have it back. He screamed when I tried to take it away. He sucked out the ice cream and chewed on the cone. 

On Saturday we went on the JDRF walk. My cousins Mitchell was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes a few years ago and every year my family puts together a team. This is the first time that we have gone in years. Miller walked with mom and Madison and mom said he blew raspberry's and talked the whole time. I stayed behind with Tine and the little girls (who were so slow!). He was so tired afterward but would not eat or nap.

He loves chewing on the ends of bottles and cans.

I took him over to the water fountain. He wanted to get in so bad so I let him put his feet in and splash.

That night was definitely bath night. We were all sweaty and gross. This is probably his last sink bath because he wants to splash and that is too big of a mess in there.

We are here in Atlanta this week and half of next. It is so stressful but I am trying to slowly unpack while getting everything ready for our trip next week. I will be flying with Miller (scary) to my cousins wedding in Oklahoma. Wish me luck! Have any tips?

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