Monday, April 23, 2012

Miller Week 28

Miller is continuing with the solid foods. I will admit, it kind of stresses me out. Maybe I have not mentioned it before, but this kid is kind of intense. He gets so excited that things escalate from super happy to frustrated/ overstimulated/ overexcited/ inconsolable in a matter of a seconds. He really likes food so we can no longer stick a bite of anything in our mouths before Miller is begging us for something and will not leave us alone. I feel like I have a dog! Then of course, every meal ends up with the frustrated and overstimulated state. Not to mention that he has been kind of stressed out with the move and his only known environment being in boxes for weeks and then being completely moved. Now, this past weekend we came up to Knoxville and all the people and mostly unfamiliar places are sending him over the edge. I would like to take solace in the fact that we will go home and things will be normal but we have four trips that we are going on within the next month and a half. So basically, we can get back into a late June.

Here is the happy phase with this meal. This was pumpkin and oatmeal.

I love his hair!

Friday we had about the most perfect Knoxville day. We went downtown, had lunch at Tomato Head, visited the soon to be gone YeeHaw, had a crepe (which Miller loved) at the French Bakery we have been dying to try, then went to campus. On campus we toured Miller around the architecture building where we ran into some old professors and two old friends. It was a great day!

Since we do not take our high chair everywhere we go, we took our Bumbo to Knoxville and placed Miller at the easiest place to clean, outside.

His Poppy hung up a swing for him. The first night he was not too sure of it, but the next day he could not get enough. He fell asleep after quite a bit of swinging and took a 45 minute nap out there. It started to get chilly so Ben covered him up in a towel.

Then he woke up and swung some more. 

Our main reason for coming up here was to get my baby sister ready from prom. I am still in shock that my little, baby sister is old enough to go to prom since it seems like it was yesterday that I went and she was just a kid. Doesn't she look gorgeous!

Lindsey and her friend Kate. The boys were late so I just got pictures of the two beauties.

Dad and his baby girl. Funny story: I have a picture with my dad from my senior prom and it has been on my bedside table since I was in college. 

Miller and his aunt Lindsey.

Miller and his Poppy. Do you see the identical chins? I really need to get a side by side pic of both of them smiling and you can see how strong these Price genes are.

Miller and I decided to stay the week and Ben went back on Sunday. We will be hanging out with family and seeing some friends, and hopefully getting this baby under control.

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