Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Eve

I love Christmas Eve! Like, way more than Christmas day, love it. I believe it is because you get to celebrate and do fun things, but still have more to anticipate the next day.

This year we started off the day by going to my parents house for breakfast. Normally they do breakfast on Christmas Day but since we were eating earlier, they figured they would spread the love and do something on Christmas Eve. We just went over in our PJs because, well, everyone else would be.

"Gee whiz Poppy!! Is the air better up there?" Seriously, him and my nephew love for my dad to hold them and we do not know if it is because the love him, or they like the view. 

Ben and I went to Christmas Eve Mass and saved seats for everyone. I actually prefer the family shot of us before we left but Miller was in his PJs. This was at my grandparents house after Mass. It was kind of rushed because we were trying to prep the food and both boys were begging to take off their sweaters. 

He finally got the hang of unwrapping presents. 

Sharing with his cousin James. 

I have to admit, Christmas has started to depress me. I used to look forward to it every year but as I have gotten older, I am so disappointed with the commercialism of the holidays and the focus on gift giving. The gifts are fun, but I always loved seeing family more than the gifts I received.  Over the years, more and more of my family have opted to stay home and not travel in for the holidays. This year was so nice to have Ben's family to join us and liven up our celebrations again.

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  1. Whit, I have actually started to feel the same way towards Christmas. It's sad. The presents part is just too much, too commercialized like you said, but I love buying for others so it's hard to decide what to do!