Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Years '13

New Year's Eve Ben and I went to eat at my favorite restaurant (since they are closed the next day for my birthday) and then to see a movie. We came home before Miller went to bed and did a little celebrating.

The next day we went to lunch with my parents and grandparents for my birthday and Ben and I went to see another movie.

We left on the 2nd to go back home. That night we had our second attempt to go to the light show at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. It was beautiful!

Miller liked it but got tired of being cooped up in his stroller eventually. 

I still can not believe he fell asleep halfway through. All the trouble we went to, to go to this for him and he sleeps through it.

Miller and the Campbell girls checking out the gift shop window.

Of course a family picture. 

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