Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Pictures

Don't ask me why I still feel the need to take holiday pictures of my child. The first year is one thing since it is the first time they are celebrating that holiday but this year I have no idea. It stresses me out and then he does not cooperate but yet I have to do it. I guess I am a glutton for punishment, but look how cute these turned out.

I wish this one was more in focus because it looks like he is puckering up. 

This demonstrates perfectly how I love all the little bits of him. 

Blowing a kiss. 

"Okay, mom, are we done yet?"

Trying to distract him with toys and snacks. Does not make for the best Valentine's pictures, but does make for a cute everyday picture. 

I think this is my favorite from this whole shoot. 

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