Friday, December 6, 2013

Activities with Miller

I have been trying to find things to do with Miller lately. I figure that since we are stuck in the house, we need to find some things to do besides watch TV and play on my phone or iPad.

I finally decided to try painting with Miller again. It was mildly successful just a tad messy. It involves lots of supervision but at least he has fun. Here we were painting a birdhouse that is going to be a Christmas present. 

I posted about painting a picture for the baby's room and here are some pictures from that.

I made homemade playdough for us to play with. Miller is still learning how to play with it but he does like pushing the cookie cutters into it. Then he wants the shapes out of them. This evening, him and Ben made bears and Miller walked around with them like this. I swear I thought that he was going to take them to bed.

This has been our favorite. We have whipped up some dish soap bubbles in my mixer. It kind of makes a mess but since it is just soap, it makes everything nice and clean afterward. Miller loves to have car washes.

The last two times we have done the dish soap bubbles, I made a batch, put them in a container and put them and Miller in the bath tub. Both times, Ben and I were trying to do stuff upstairs so Miller played while we got stuff done. After that, it was bath time so easy clean up.

I am not sure how much we will do after the baby is born but at least I have some things  that he can do when I have an extra hand around the house.

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