Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving '13

When I found out that I was pregnant, we looked at the year ahead and realized that we were not going to get to go back to Tennessee for Thanksgiving. It was not the biggest deal but I would really miss some of our traditions. I would miss seeing family and there would be no Fantasy of Trees on Friday. I had been every year since I was 2 and I hated that I was missing a year, even if it was for a good reason. Of course, this is also when they decided to schedule my 10 year high school reunion.

I started to think about it and my doctors advice was not to travel 2 hours away, well this was only 3 hours. I brought it up a few months back and my doctor said she was very comfortable with me going as long as everything checked out alright at my appointment that week, especially since I was going home to my labor and delivery nurse. Of course I had made no progress at my appointment on Tuesday so we got ready to go.

However, that evening I was woken up by Ben throwing up. Miller had been sick on Monday so I was not surprised but I was upset that this might mess up our holiday plans. He ended up feeling okay to ride in the car and I drove us up to TN that afternoon.

On Thursday morning we went to the hospital to visit mom and got our hair cut. That evening we went to my dad and stepmoms house. As soon as we got there, Miller had to run and find his red truck.

It was my nephew Silas' and Ben's birthday. Bobbie had gotten each of them a cake. Ben had to show Silas how to blow out the candles.

The next day we went to the Fantasy of Trees and this time Bobbie, Silas, Leslie and Lisa, Leslie's moms came.

Miller was so excited to play in this train.

Our first main goal was to see Santa. Ben stood in line while we walked him around. We were almost at  the front of the line but he lost patience so Ninny went and made him a cookie.

He would not sit on Santa's lap by himself so Daddy had to join them.

Silas was not really wanting to sit with Santa either. At least they are not crying in this one.

We tried to get Miller to get his face painted but he would not. He was fascinated by Daddy getting his face done and kept looking for it after Daddy washed it off.

Decorating his second cookie of the day.

He said that he wanted to go on the carousel but when we got closer he clammed up. He got all clingy and would not let me put him down. I got him on the ride and his feet on the horse.

He eventually relaxed and let me put him on the horse. He had so much fun and kept saying, "Whoa".

It was a crazy weekend because neither Ben or I felt good. We barely ate the whole time. We had events for my high school reunion on Friday and Saturday night and those were alright. I felt majorly anti social because everyone was up and socializing whereas I was 9 months pregnant and had to sit my butt down to rest. I did get to catch up and see some old classmates.

We headed out on Sunday and unfortunately by that time, mom was sick. We found out that later that a bunch of people got sick but it was all from other sources. That is one nasty bug going around but at least it is a quick one.I hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving!

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