Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Miller Update: 2.5 Years

I figured that the boy needed an update on here since he is at his half birthday. This has been a month delayed because I kept forgetting to get his height.

Weight: 30.5 lbs (+22 lbs 6oz)

Height: 36" (+ 14.5")

Head: I keep forgetting to get his measurement but it is normal(-ish).

Sleep: Except for two nights a month ago, he sleeps through the night every night. I think he had bad dreams those nights. Naps are a different story. He only takes them about half the time. The other half, I make him stay in his room in hopes that he will pass out or at least rest while I get a break. However, he has started to take off his diaper and I have to rush upstairs to fix that. It is not restful at all since I have to watch him on the camera like a hawk.

Eating: He is still a snacker and I still hate it but I am letting it go. I just try to give him healthy(ish) snacks. He also has a smoothie most days that has fruits and vegetables, that is really for my peace of mind.

Best Moment: There is really no way to pinpoint one best moment over the past 6 months. He can be such a handful but when things are good with him, my heart bursts with love for him. One great moment that was recent was when we closed on the new house, we picked up Miller from a friend's house and then went to the new house. It made my heart so happy to see Miller run around the house and the yard with such excitement. It makes all the stress and exhaustion from the buying process and moving worth it to see him love this house that he will grow up in. 

Milestones: We started working on potty training. For now, we just sit him on the potty a few times a day and he goes. If only he would tell us when he needs to go, then we would be in good shape, I am just proud of how quickly he has taken to sitting on the potty.

Monthly Wisdom: I have really had to be careful with losing my temper with him lately. Some days I just reach a breaking point but I have to remind myself that a lot of times he is still learning.

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
- I have been meaning to do some structured preschool activities with him for months but with Scarlett being born and now moving, I have not gotten around to it. I really hope to get on it now that we are in the house. I have all the materials for it but just have not printed them yet.
- Keep encouraging him with potty training. I am not pushing this but we will keep talking about it.
- I think I have said this every update but I really want to get on a better schedule. We are such late risers but we need to start getting up a tad earlier. We had to get up early a few days in a row and he slept so much better for naps and bed.
- We have kind of hit a bad patch lately. We have had so many major changes lately with Scarlett being born, the holidays, house shopping, buying a house and now moving and I think they are all getting to  him. He has been acting out a lot lately and poor Scarlett is getting the brunt of it because she can not defend herself. I really want to get him through this phase with as little frustration as possible and give him some one on one time.

Things Miller is doing:

- We got him a couple of floor puzzles and I thought they were beyond his skill set to be able to figure them out. Apparently not because he just kept at it and is so quick with them.
- He has started attaching lots of objects and people's names to letters, which I find adorable.
- He has known these for a while but he knows all his letters, colors, a bunch of shapes and numbers (although double digits kind of stump him).
- He is starting to sing songs with me. Normally he just likes me to sing but now he is joining in and learning them too.
- While the boy is still majorly into cars, planes, trains, etc, he has been into animals lately. He gets quite excited about zoo animals since we have been going so much but he is starting to pick up on sea animals.
- He pretends he is "baby Mer" (Mer is what is sounds like he calls himself) and wants to lay in my lap. It is so sweet and it is just his way of telling me that he needs some attention. My favorite is when I have Scarlett on my lap and he comes to lay between us and says, "Skarky hold baby Mer". She normally bends down and gives him a big slobbery kiss and he thinks that his hilarious. 

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