Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Corn Maze 2014

I am playing catch up from the last month so I am just now getting to our trip to the corn maze.

This was just two days after we got back from Disney and my kids and the Campbell girls already missed each other. These three girls are so cute together. I just mention Ruby and Isla and Scarlett lights up and as soon as they see her, the girls squeal, "Baby Scarlett".

All 5 kids on the hay couch. This seriously took 5 minutes of wrangling to make this happen.

Miller's favorite part- the corn box.

That day was just perfect fall weather, so we decided to break out our fire pit and the smores. The kids loved them! It was the perfect day.

Miller pulled up his chair and sat by the fire. My favorite part of this are the crossed ankles.

I seriously loved this whole day!

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