Monday, March 9, 2015

Sprucing up the Powder Room

While I was painting the kitchen, I was brainstorming paint ideas for the other rooms. I got filled with this manic energy to just paint everything so that the house was officially fresh and all ours. The bathroom and the playroom were the first things I had to tackle.

The bathroom was just painted this icky yellowish white that was apparently deemed neutral by someone but just seemed dirty to me, and a bathroom is the one place that you do not want feeling dirtier than it already is. Sorry these before pictures were taken right before I started painting so it is already a bit disheveled.

I did not  take any progress pictures but we did a board and batten on the lower half of the wall. We put up a 1x4 horizontal and then put lattice strips vertically as battens in even intervals and then one on top for a rail. I caulked, primed and painted the whole room. It took a weekend but was not super complicated.

A few days later I used a black paint pen and made the diamonds on top. The color looks a little off but the walls are white.

I still need to put up artwork and something over the window, but every time I go in there, I feel like it is too nice to be my house. We are going to start working on installing board and batten in the kids bathroom with a color on top. I will post pictures when that is done and try to remember to take progress pictures.

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