Friday, April 10, 2015

Winter Pictures

I obviously am not into blogging right now. I am sure I will pick it up more soon when the summer and lots of events start up. Here are some recent pictures of the kiddos.

Their new play kitchen that they got from Santa is mainly used to cook each other.

A Valentine's picture. This was the only way I could get Scarlett to sit still.

For Valentine's day we went to the zoo. Scarlett's hair cracks me up.

We finally got a little snow that we were able to play in.

Miller and our mini- Olaf.

Watching the snow come down.

Miller has had his chair for years and barely used it. When we were painting the playroom we moved it into the living room temporarily and they started fighting over it so Ninny got Scarlett her own.

He hit himself in the eye with some toy. I was comforting him and jokingly asked if he wanted a patch, and the boy took me up on it. At least it made him feel better.

Scarlett started putting this bucket on her head and I had immediate deja vu. (Scarlett is on the left ad Miller is on the right).

We had a picnic dinner outside since it was nice and warm, and they were too dirty to come in my house before a bath.

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