Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter '15

I was hoping for a great Easter like last years was but I was forgetting one thing. Last year Scarlett was a cute little 4 month old who was just content to be held, this year she runs around and gets into mischief. It was still good, just a bit more stressful.

Saturday evening we dyed Easter eggs. Miller was so excited and got really into it. We all wore our bunny ears except Scarlett. They were off as soon as they pictures were taken.

Every egg Scarlett got her hands on went into the blue.

This is about as perfect as you can get for a family picture with these two. I really love it!

Two days before Easter, we were over at Luke's house and Miller figured this out. For the whole day, this was his spot in the jeep. No other could would attempt it. I am really worried that this is foreshadowing out future in 14 years.

This picture started with only Isla and I was pregnant with Miller. We have 7 kiddos now and will be adding more to this crew next year.

I am so glad we take this big group shot, and this was such a good one. (Please notice Miller peeking over my head on the bottom right. He was making a different face in every picture we took.)

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