Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Growth Scan update

We had our growth scan today to see how big Pumpkin is. From all the books and websites I check weekly, I was guessing and hoping for something around 4lbs10oz. Of course, my husband was almost 10lbs when he was born so I know what to expect. Pumpkin was 5lbs7oz. I am thinking that is huge but the doctor says that is just the 66th percentile. His head was almost in the 90th percentile, his abdomen in the 82nd percentile and his thigh was in the 70th percentile. Everything looks good except that he is still breech. Hopefully he flips over which I am know is a possibility. I have felt him doing some large flips in there recently so I know he still can wiggle around that much.

Just for fun. Here is me at our first ultrasound when I was 6w2d. Back then I was just praying we would see a little bean and a heartbeat.

Here is me today at 33w2d. Now I am just hoping he stops kicking me in the pelvis.

Profile of his little lips and nose

You can see his little face and arms. The rest is just squished up parts and movement.

I love this one!

"Okay I am done being poked and prodded. Mom, make the pictures stop".

Hopefully he will flip over but whatever happens happens.

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