Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekly Update: 34 weeks

I know the view from the top does not look like much but it actually looks like it changed this week, even though you can tell from my measurements, I did not get any bigger. I compared my picture from the side from last week and the bump just changed shapes I think.

How far along: 34 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 38 lbs at my doctor’s appointment last week

Maternity clothes: I am kind of sad that because since I do not work a normal office job, I have not had the chance to wear a couple of really cute maternity things I have all that much.

Stretch marks: Still none and I love that

Sleep: Ben does have to roll me off my back sometimes when I accidentally fall that way, and rolling from side to side is a pretty strenuous task. For the most part, pretty good.

Best moment this week: We had our growth scan this week and got to look at Pumpkin and he is doing great (measuring 5lbs7oz). We also had our first shower in Atlanta and got so many great gifts from our friends here in Atlanta.

Movement: Some days more consistent than others but still a lot. He was breech at our growth scan but has some pretty big movements so I am hoping he has enough room to move himself in the right position.

Food cravings: I almost wish I had food cravings. Sometimes I have no idea what I want to eat and it drives me crazy. Plus I would love to take advantage of being pregnant and have my husband have to run some crazy errand for me.

Food aversions: No strict aversion

Gender: All boy

Labor Signs: None that I can tell

Belly Button in or out? Not budging

What I miss: Sometimes I wish I could pass the bump to Ben and remember what it feels like to be normal again. I honestly cannot recall how that feels.

What I am looking forward to: We go to Knoxville this weekend for the last time before Pumpkin comes and we have our shower with family. I am so looking forward to seeing people that I rarely get to see.

Weekly Wisdom: At my shower, there were leaves that people would write a message for Pumpkin or I on. My favorites were the ones that reminded me to savor him being so little. The housework can be done anytime but he is only that small for so little time. I teared up reading them and I am now as I think about it.

Milestones: According to my websites, his lungs are almost fully developed and if born now, would be considered a pre-term infant and not premature. I have heard of other girls having babies this early and them being fine to go home after a few days (not that I want that to happen, but it is just a comfort).

Measurements: Chest- same, Waist- same, Hips- same, Circumference- same

Bonus pic of me before my shower this weekend. I will do a post about the shower later this week after I have gathered some pictures from others.

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