Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekly Update: 31 weeks

Back from vacation, and hopefully back to my normal self. Ben and I had a bought of pretty bad leg puffiness that we are sure is sunburn related. I know that I am pregnant and that is normal but it came about the same time that a few other people got it. I am hoping that it does not affect my weight too much at my doctors appointment this week. Thankfully it is almost gone.

How far along: 31 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: On a break, plus I was pretty puffy after vacation from sunburn

Maternity clothes: Why did I wait so long to get into maternity bottoms. I LOVE them!!! This is my advice to any newly pregnant women. Don’t be stubborn and think you are giving in when you have to wear them, just go for it when you get uncomfortable.

Stretch marks: Still good there

Sleep: I definitely did not get enough at the beach. I was up early and in bed late and because it was a queen bed, there was not a lot of room for Ben, me and the belly.

Best moment this week: I had the best time at the beach with my family. I loved how everyone referred to the baby like he was already there and part of it all.

Movement: He is pretty stubborn when it comes to other people feeling him move. I had a lot of family members who were looking forward to feeling that and only a couple did. He really liked when I was floating in the pool and once when we were getting sloshed around when everyone was playing a game around me, he was all over the place.

Food cravings: No real cravings except for sweets and milk

Food aversions: I am still not good with bell peppers and was reminded that this week at the beach.

Gender: Little boy

Labor Signs: Nope, and we still need to wait at least 6 weeks for them

Belly Button in or out? It is still way back there, but my belly has stretched enough that the bottom hole of my old belly button ring scar is no longer in my belly button.

What I miss: I miss not being able to feel normal. I am always feeling unattractive and chubby. I groan whenever I sit down or up. I waddle and cannot help it. Ben is so sweet and constantly reminding me that I am still me with the Pumpkin attached. It will all go back to normal soon enough.

What I am looking forward to: I have an OB appointment this week and we are supposed to talk about scheduling our growth scan in the next couple of weeks. Just look forward to making sure Pumpkin is still doing great.

Weekly Wisdom: Lots of parenting advice from the young moms in my family. It just gives me confidence that we will know what we are doing when the time comes.

Milestones: We start doing our OB appointments every two weeks now. Also, the websites say that his lungs are now really developed and he could breathe on his own if God forbid he had to.

Measurements: Chest- 40.25”(-.5”) Waist-34”(+1”) Hips-41.5”(+5”) Circumference- 43”(same)

Here is a comparison shot of me in the same dress on our two different beach trips. I wish that I had held the bottom of my stomach in the latest picture so you can see the definition but I might throw it back on and retry for this comparison. These are 9 weeks apart.

Nursery Update

Since we were out of town there is no real update here. I received the last thing for his wall so hopefully we can complete that this week.

I will update with pictures from vacation this week at some point.

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  1. I don't think you look any bigger than your 29 week picture.