Monday, November 7, 2011

Miller Week 3

I still feel like every Monday I should have a new post with my weekly update. I really have very little to update.

Miller is getting bigger and still a good baby. He is normally pretty content until he wants something and then he is a screamer. He normally sleeps two long stretches at night so I get a decent amount of sleep. However, our days are crazy and because of that, some nights I never know when he is actually down for the night and we have to wake him to put on his jammies. Just last night we started a night time routine to try to get some normalcy day to day, and so far he slept great last night and was less fussy today. We will see if that was just a fluke or a routine really helps.

Here are a few pictures from this week.

So not happy about me taking his picture. I know it is mean, but his frowny face is so cute.

He has pretty good neck control so we figured we would give the Bumbo a try. He did pretty good until he realized we were not holding him and then he wanted out.

Asleep in his daddy. Yep, our game was that boring.

This is how Ben and Miller spend most evenings.

On a walk with mom today.

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