Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Suprise in Knoxville

After my mom left weeks ago, I was super sad. We decided to meet my mom in Chattanooga two weeks later so we could see each other. I got used to the house being quieter and it just being Miller and I, but then the fussiness started. Miller is a good kid but just going through a fussy phase and I am going bonkers. As it got closer to that weekend I started mentioning going back with her. Ben would miss us but I knew he would appreciate the quietness and being able to work as late as he wanted to. So last weekend, we meet up and Miller and I came back to Tennessee with mom. We did not tell anyone and ended up surprising them. It was fun!

Miller surprised my grandma and grandpa. Here he is napping in the living room.

Miller with his Grandpa Norm

Miller with his Poppi. Dad got that chair to rock his grandbaby in and here he is.

My Pappaw with Mr Miller

Miller getting a bath in the sink from his Ninny.

Dad and his baby, and Miller

Being fed a bottle by his Aunt Lindsey. He looks like a baby bird.

I love that I caught a good smile. You can see he has developed a little chunk.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. I am sure I will have some posts about our upcoming weekend soon.


  1. So fun! Glad you're relaxing a bit and introducing Miller to his family :) Though I do miss you terribly. Come back soon!!!

  2. I'm late in reading glad you had a wonderful trip. It must have been amazing introducing Miller to all the family. I know how close your family is to you! {but glad you are back too!}