Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April Pictures

Here are just some updates from the last couple of weeks.

A few weeks ago, Isla and Ruby came over for two days. We really did have so much fun with them. 

This is what my child does when I turn my back in the kitchen. 

We had movie time and watched "Toy Story". These two cuddling up is so cute!!! Just as a comparison, look at those two just a few days after Miller was born. How do they get this big in just a year and a half?!?!

What is wrong with this picture? Miller is eating off a plate, with a fork and my cup. I am drinking from a kids cup and Ben is eating off of Miller's tray. 

Two weeks ago, we were all under the weather with different things. Ben had a pretty bad bug so he stayed home from work one day and we had a lazy day. Miller took turns cuddling on the couch with each of us and watching TV (which he never does). 

Trying on daddy's shoes.

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  1. boo for sick days, but the extra cuddles are always nice