Monday, April 1, 2013

Pre- Easter Festivities

A few days before Easter, mom and Ally came down for a visit. Thursday evening we went on a walk and played at our neighborhoods playground. Friday, we went to the mall and then I had a friends newborn baby pics during Miller's naptime. That afternoon we went on a different walk and to a different playground and Mom and Ally babysat while Ben and I went out to dinner with some friends.

Saturday we all slept in until 10:30 (so nice!) and then went to Marietta to walk around the square and check out the shops.

I know he looks kind of angry here (he was just tired) but isn't he beautiful? I always tell him that he is my favorite craft.

Ally doing bunny ears on Miller. Her signature move. 

That evening I baked some cookies and we decorated eggs. We started with Miller sitting in his high chair playing with all the stickers and crap they put in those boxes. 

All in our traditional bunny ears. 

Miller liked the part where he got to draw on the eggs. 

After this picture, he kept wanting to stick his fingers in the dyes. 

I always love the look of our decorated eggs together.

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