Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter is such an interesting holiday. My family has traditions for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas but none for Easter. We were thinking back on years past and we used to go to church then brunch with my cousins Megan, one year we went home to Knoxville. Our first Easter together we went to Memphis. The past two years, we went to church and then brunch at Cheesecake Factory with our friends. The first year we went, we had 7 adults and 1 baby. Last year we had 7 adults and 2 babies. This year we would have 7 adults, 5 babies plus my mom and Ally. We decided that would be chaos to go out to eat so we had a potluck brunch at our house.

We went to Easter Mass and Miller did so good. We came home and got some family pictures outside. It really isn't the best picture of any of us but it is all we have. 

The crew this year. 

The Easter Bunny visited us after everyone left. Ally and Miller's Easter baskets. 

Here is Miller's basket.

Miller ran straight to his board to look at his letters on the back. Glossed right past his basket.

Here is Ally's basket.

He went straight for the Peeps. Just like his daddy.

Mom and Ally left soon after and Miller napped. That afternoon we went on walk since it was nice outside. Overall, a pretty good Easter.

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