Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekend Activities

Our weekends have been fairly busy lately. Back in late March Miller started taking swim lessons every Saturday morning with a bunch of our friends. The first few classes he did great. Most of the other babies were just getting used to the water since they were younger and hadn't clocked as much time in the pool before. Miller and Isla did so well because they were already comfortable with the water. I say the day it went downhill was the day that they put a life vest on the kids. The babies were fine but the two older kids were not happy. Ever since then, Miller has not been please with swim class. He loves getting in the water and splashing around but he does not want to follow instructions and do what the teacher wants him to do. Ben got in the pool with Miller since I figured he could use the practice as well. Miller started screaming for me on the bleachers for most of class.

Since that class, we both get in with him. He has done so much better but still stubborn. For example, the teacher wanted him to learn how to doggy paddle and kick. Last Saturday as soon as we got in the pool I was holding him under the arms and he kicked so hard he propelled himself to the wall a few feet away. Of course, when the teacher came around and we tried  to get him to do it again, he refused. I am so scared for what he will be like when he starts school.

A few weeks ago we went to a crawfish boil that a friend hosts every year. They had a mostly fenced in yard so Miller just wandered the yard the whole time. He had so much fun!

All that wandering tuckered him out. I wish we had a fenced in backyard like this for him to roam around in. He loved it!

The following weekend we had a pig roast to go to but I do not have any pics from that. Sorry! Too busy chasing Miller. 

This isn't from a weekend but I still love it. We watched it Ruby and Isla one day and I love this shot of Ruby looking over her shoulder checking out Miller. 

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