Monday, May 20, 2013

Miller's Hijinks

Having a toddler is the most exhausting job! He is always in to something and as many times as I tell him no, he will not learn. How do you discipline a toddler? Oh yeah, you can't!!!! Here are just a few of our recent hijinks.

Ben was out of town one night and rather than sit in his high chair, he took Daddy's spot. My handsome little date!

I was doing something in the other room one day so I was listening to hear what Miller was getting in to. I heard an unfamiliar noise and went to go check on him. This is what I found. Of course I took a second to get a picture before I got him down. Do you see his high chair in the bottom right corner of the picture, that is how he got up there. I am still not sure how he did it because it is too far to jump. The scariest thing is that there was a knife lying up there on the counter that he completely passed up. Whew!

Just an hour or so later, he got himself stuck between the couch and our side table. He was upset, but again I had to take a picture. 

I have had my eye on this backpack since before Miller was born but since he doesn't go to school, I had to reason to get it. I finally caved in. The only problem is that he seemed to associate wearing it with the trauma of wearing a life vest from swim class. It took him a few hours but eventually he warmed up to it. Everyday he asks to wear it a few times. He looks so grown up!

Of course two weeks ago, Miller and I got a cold. For me, I just had a fuzzy head and was stuffed up. Miller had a 103 fever for two days and was pitiful . 

Of course, my cold turned into a sinus infection that has had me down for weeks but Miller felt better after those two days and made sure to make up for all the trouble he didn't get into those two days. 

He found his spatula and ran straight to my mixer. He helped me make chocolate cupcakes.

The boy loves frozen blueberries. He could eat them all day if I let him. I think some of the messes on his face are hilarious.

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