Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nursery Progress: Start-up Issues

Sorry, this post is wordy, but I had a lot to explain. Rather than planning to do one reveal and then go back and give more detail (which never happened) like I did with Miller's nursery, I decided to blog about the nursery progress and baby related projects along the way. First, a little background information.

When we moved into this house last year we were so excited to have an extra bedroom so we could have a guest room. People asked us what we would do if we had another baby while we are here and we toyed with the idea of the kids having a shared nursery. It might work because the baby would be in the rock n play in our room for a while. Then I started thinking about how erratic Miller's sleep schedule was for so long, and would I want to deal to with the stress of trying to coordinate naps and bedtime. This, as well as the fact that we do not have that many guests, we decided to make the baby her own nursery.

I started planning a girl nursery as soon as we found out that we were pregnant. I had nothing for a boy so thank goodness our guess what correct. I have searched through my pinterest boards and we discussed logistics and finally came up with a long list of projects to make this room perfect for our little girl.

The biggest logistical problem was that this room has some insulation issues. It is burning up in the summer and freezing in the winter. We have not figured out the main reason but we do know that those 3 large windows are letting in way too much light. We have made a few other attempts to block out the light but nothing seemed to work. If we owned this place, I would have some black out shades made for the windows but since we do not, we want something semi permanent and cheap. We have since figured this out and I will blog about it once I am finished up. 

The other issue is that we are not allowed to paint and the "white" on the wall is a very dingy shade. I have come up with a few ideas for wall coverings and have since executed them. I think they make the room look much nicer. 

We have actually gotten a lot done on the nursery so far. As soon as we had some guests leave, I started working. It all just kind of happened quickly. I feel kind of crazy being this far along but I figured it would be better to get it done now when I have the time and ability, rather than when I can barely move around. Plus, and my friends think I am crazy for this, but since this baby is due in December, I have lots of things to get ready for for Christmas. All of this on top of a trip to Disney World in October.

Stay tuned for more updates and projects.

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