Monday, April 21, 2014

Scarlett Monthly Update: Month Four

I am so behind on getting this out. I have had it started for two weeks and then I took Scarlett's picture right before we moved and just now got to editing it. Better late than never!


Weight: 15lbs 10oz (+6lbs 15oz) (Miller was 16lbs 4oz)

Height: 25.5in (+5in) (Miller was 25.75in)

Head: 16.75in (+3in) (Miller was 18in)

Sleep: I decided a few weeks ago that when Scarlett would fall asleep on me at night and I would transfer her to her swing (only later to transfer her to her Rock n Play) that I would just transfer her to her crib. She slept 3.5 hours that night and every night it just increased. A lot of nights I put her in their drowsy and she puts herself to sleep too. We had a few nights last week where she would only sleep 2 to 4 hours but most nights it is between 5-7 hours. Naps are the same, 2-3 catnaps and one long nap a day, unless we are busy running around and then she normally takes a bunch of catnaps.

Eating:  Still eating every 2-3 hours.

Best Moment: She is a super happy baby unless she isn't. With Miller, he would often fuss for no reason. With Scarlett, I almost always know what is wrong and how to remedy it. I always asked God to give me an easy going baby because I could not take another handful like Miller. Well she is not easy going but she is predictable and relatively happy.

Milestones: She finally found her feet this week. She also started playing with toys. Just the other afternoon, she saw Miller's firetruck next to her and she started grabbing at it. She has almost rolled over but she does not get much floor time because we have to keep her protected from Miller. Once she rolled over from her back to belly but got stuck on her arm, and a couple of times she rolled from belly to back but I think she was on an elevated surface so none of those actually count.

Monthly Wisdom: I always figured that  the second child would be more independent than the first because I would have to put her down more to take care of the older one. Ha! I actually have to hold her more to protect her from the big one. If she is in the right mood, she is quite content to lay on her activity mat or sit in the Bumbo, but then Miller comes in and attacks her.

Goals for the Upcoming Month: I really want to get her more time on the floor so she can practice rolling over and gross motor skills.

Here are my kiddos at this age. She is definitely has more chunk and look at that head on Miller.

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