Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter '14

Easter is such an odd holiday for me. I never grew up with any big traditions so I am never sure what we have to do. We have started a few over the last few years but as Miller gets older, I feel the need to incorporate more.

 Of course this year has been crummy for holidays and we have done the bare minimum, which I hate because I love doing fun things for holidays. Halloween we were just getting back from Disney World. Thanksgiving we had a stomach bug and I was 38 weeks pregnant. Christmas we had just had Scarlett. New Years/ my birthday is always jumbled up in the post holiday slump. Valentine's Day we had our plans get all messed up because of a snow storm. St. Patrick's Day we were just getting back from a week in TN. Now Easter and we had just moved into the new house a week earlier. 

On Saturday we decorated eggs. Since our first Easter, Ben and I have worn our bunny ears to dye eggs. I was a bad mommy and forgot to find Scarlett some until it was too late so she wore mommy's this year. Remind me next year to find purple ones early in the season. 


 Miller kept taking his off but I finally got him to wear them for a picture. Then he forgot and kept them on the rest of the time and insisted on having them on after we were done. 

 Miller was more involved this year which just meant more mess. 

The ears came off and just went into the mouth.  

 He had no patience for letting the colors sit so we went through them pretty quickly. I just grabbed a paint brush and let him paint the mats we were using. 


The Easter bunny brought the kids some presents. I said I was not going to go overboard and only get each kid one thing but of course I got a few more things than that but I did not spend a ton of money.

The Easter Bunny also hid some eggs that Miller got hunt.

Scarlett just hung out.

We went to church and then went home to cook our food. After we ran a few house related errands, we went to Lindsey's house for our annual Easter brunch with our friends. I managed to get a few family pictures while we were all dressed up.

Miller became a pro at hunting for eggs. Every time he would find one, he had to open it up. He was not looking for anything, it was just part of his process.

Here is our babies this year (all but Sadie).

This is a comparison shot from last year. Look how they have grown. This is the first year that no one was pregnant (unless someone is keeping a secret or does not know yet).

It was a great Easter! The weather was perfect, the kids were great and their were minimal Miller incidents. It was amazing to wake up in our own house to start traditions where the kids will be growing up. It makes this mommy so happy.

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