Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fantasy of Trees 2014

This is one of my favorite days of the year. I think the only one that I have missed was the first one when I was just under a year old.

Scarlett got in bed with me for an hour that morning but I was able to sneak out and get ready. I think it is so cute to see this tiny little girl in a big bed. 

Miller was so excited to see Santa this year. We have been practicing for months for Miller to say he wants a kitchen from Santa. A few weeks ago he tacked on a dollhouse, which is not happening. Right before we saw Santa, he saw a firetruck, the same one he already has, and added that to his list.

I love Scarlett's face. She is looking at Miller like, "how are you okay with this?"

We of course decorated cookies.

The last few years we could not get Miller to get his facepainted but he had no problem with it this year. He got a snowman on one side and a tattoo on the other.

We wanted to get Scarlett a red nose but she thought we were feeding her something.

My cousins Mitchell got a new buddy with this outing. I kept thinking he was going to get sore having to bend down to hold Miller's hand.

It is a miracle, all 5 of us smiling and looking at the same time. Mitchell and Ally joined us on the carousel.

Scarlett squealed and giggled the whole time. She was not this excited when we rode the carousel at Disney World just a couple of months ago.

We lost her.

There is a reason that you should not wait until the end to try to get a family picture. Oh well!

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