Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Christmas Train Ride

All aboard!

Back in Knoxville, we happened to be downtown and see this train leaving the station. I looked it up online and we immediately jumped on buying tickets. I remember seeing the Three Rivers Rambler before and had even saved a link about its Christmas train ride before but every holiday season, it just slipped my mind with everything else to do.

We went with my mom, grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin and we all had an awesome time.

He was super excited!

Scarlett was enjoying her (not so) hot chocolate.

It is not enough to ride on a train but he had to play with a train on the train.

It a was beautiful ride through downtown and some of the countryside.

There was even some snow fall (they produced it but it still made the overall experience more magical).

There was a special visitor who hopped on board at one point.

That evening we all piled in my dads van to go to a drive thru lights display in the mountains. Both of the kids loved getting out of their seats and seeing  the lights.

The next day he asked to go on the train again and when I said not today, he told me, "In two weeks". Mom has already decided to take Miller on their other seasonal ones this year. Between all of these events, we checked off a lot of things on our Christmas bucket list.

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