Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Scarlett Monthly Update: Month Eleventh

We are majorly behind. With a few unexpected trips to TN, things got a little off track but here is Scarlett's 11th month update. The last one before her birthday. 

Weight: Yeah I did not get this for the month. It just did not work out this month.

Height: Same for this.

Head: And this.

Sleep: So this happened, she started sleeping through the night. Right around Halloween, she slept 10 hours one night, and the next she slept 12, so we just kind of rolled with it. Normally when she would wake up, our default was for me to nurse her and get her back to sleep, so with this we decided to just try out Ben comforting her instead. We have had maybe nights 10 where she has woken up and needed to be comforted, and maybe 4 nights when that has not worked so I have fed her again, but for the most part she is sleeping all through the night. It seems so spontaneous compared to the way that happened with Miller so I am still hesitant to celebrate.

Eating:  This girl has had the best appetite at dinner lately. She eats all sorts of foods and loves almost all of it. Have I ever mentioned that she has sound effects that go along with her eating? It is a constant nomming sound (constant!!!) that happens when any food is in her mouth. It is a good dinner when that has been the background noise the whole time. 

Best Moment: I love how she gets excited to see people that she knows. 

Milestones: I think sleeping through the night is pretty amazing. She also got another tooth and we are still waiting on its match on the other side.

Monthly Wisdom: I look at her and know that I should feel sad that she is getting ready to be a year old but I can not help but be ecstatic for where we are now. Newborns are sweet and innocent and sooo cuddly but after almost a year together, we know her so much better. We have fun and play and interact, plus there is still cuddles. Plus, there are so many hurdles that we have tackled to get to this point. Now with that being said, I still tell Ben I need another baby ASAP about everyday.

Goals for the Upcoming Month: I am mainly just working on maintaining sanity and enjoying the holidays with the kids while I get massive amounts of things done to get ready for them. Since Miller is at the age where he is now getting into things, I am excited to make the holidays magical. I also have Scarlett's birthday thrown in there to just make things a little more busy. 

Things Scarlett is doing
- She says "ninny" (my mom), and I heard say "no" to Miller once. 
- She dances to anything. It might just be her bobbing her head side to side or a whole body shake but it is adorable.

When we were at my Mammaw's funeral, people kept saying that these two look alike. At least people know they are siblings. 

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